S.O.S. breathing: COVID-19 antidote

Coming 2 weeks, doctors predict there’d be a massive outbreak on COVID-19. The whole world is living together in the unknown now, everyday is an uncertainty everyone needs to be very conscious and alert on coping with the virus.

Most of us feel threatened, panic and fear in this moment. It’s completely normal as there’s no clue when it’s gonna stop and how long does it take for us to stay home most of our time or when would schools, businesses and economy resume back to normal? No one can answer.

covid19 outbreak. fear, anxiety, depression outbreak

What can we do?

From doing what we can do to wash our hands, keep our environment clean, wear masks, avoid going to places packed with people, there’s something more we can and need to do.

“Everything we see and feel in our lives comes from within us”- Sadhguru

Go inside, have a look consciously on how we feel is the key to transform everything now. COVID-19 is a collective outbreak revealing how we live our life like a zombie for decades and self-sabotaging not only our lives but also our planet Earth with unresolved emotions. It’s the perfect chance for us to focus in and see beyond the unseen, which is the only thing universe needs us to do now.

S.O.S. breathing: Transforming fear from COVID-19

S.O.S. breathing: Transforming fear from COVID-19

Let’s breathe into the root cause of COVID-19, FEAR. The core emotion among all, that brings insecurity, anger, judgement, hatred, separation, disappointed, shame, sadness and more. It’s okay to feel fear in this moment, you’re not alone. Together, we find the courage to move beyond this fear and return back to love now.

Step 1: Get ready

Find a a quiet space you feel most comfortable with. Roll your shoulde