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S.O.S. breathing: COVID-19 antidote

Coming 2 weeks, doctors predict there’d be a massive outbreak on COVID-19. The whole world is living together in the unknown now, everyday is an uncertainty everyone needs to be very conscious and alert on coping with the virus.

Most of us feel threatened, panic and fear in this moment. It’s completely normal as there’s no clue when it’s gonna stop and how long does it take for us to stay home most of our time or when would schools, businesses and economy resume back to normal? No one can answer.

covid19 outbreak. fear, anxiety, depression outbreak

From doing what we can do to wash our hands, keep our environment clean, wear masks, avoid going to places packed with people, there’s something more we can and need to do.

“Everything we see and feel in our lives comes from within us”- Sadhguru

Go inside, have a look consciously on how we feel is the key to transform everything now. COVID-19 is a collective outbreak revealing how we live our life like a zombie for decades and self-sabotaging not only our lives but also our planet Earth with unresolved emotions. It’s the perfect chance for us to focus in and see beyond the unseen, which is the only thing universe needs us to do now.

S.O.S. breathing: Transforming fear from COVID-19

S.O.S. breathing: Transforming fear from COVID-19

Let’s breathe into the root cause of COVID-19, FEAR. The core emotion among all, that brings insecurity, anger, judgement, hatred, separation, disappointed, shame, sadness and more. It’s okay to feel fear in this moment, you’re not alone. Together, we find the courage to move beyond this fear and return back to love now.

Step 1: Get ready

Find a a quiet space you feel most comfortable with. Roll your shoulder back, sit up tall with your palms facing upward. You can choose to sit on a chair or cross legs on ground as long as you maintain you spine straight.

Inhale through your nose, feel the belly rises. Exhale through your mouth, make it as longer and deeper than your inhalation. Repeat this for 1-2 mins.

Step 2: Breathe into the physical tension

Focus on the movement of your breaths by observing your belly rising and falling. Observing how your physical body feels now, breathe into those part of your body feels tense, tight, stiff or heavy, allow the air to flow into them all.

Make every cycle of breath long, slow and deep. Repeat this for 3-5 mins.

Breathe into the physical tension

Step 3: Breathe into the emotional tension

Breathe and let the air flows into your heart, from your physical sensation we start tuning into your emotional sensation. Inhale with an open heart, invite yourself to explore how you feel on this COVID-19 outbreak. Exhale long and deep, observe all thoughts and emotions arise no need to engage with them at the same time not necessary to push them away.

Simply observe and keep breathing. Repeat this for 3-5 mins.

Breathe into the emotional tension

Step 4: Breathe into the unknown

Continue to relax your body, drop your shoulder and back muscle and breathe into your belly.

Inhale breathe into all the questions below one by one when you ready, focus on each on of them on how they make you feel, again no need to react to them. Until to feel a sense of relief you can go on to the next question.

“How do I feel now on this virus?

“If there’s nothing I can do but surrender into all unknowns, how does it make me feel?”

“If what universe wants me to learn is back to love, joy and hope, how does it make you feel?”

Breathe in the courage and strength to support you in this journey.

Take as much time as your heart needs.

Breathe in the courage and strength to support you in this journey.

Step 5: Breathe to set yourself free

No matter where you’re at, you’re doing excellent. Continue to feel that sense of relief from your heart. Breathe and repeat the follow statement one by one. Feel the empowerment in all affirmations, continue to breathe to explore how you feel in silence.





May universe gives you trust, faith and patience in this journey, thank you virus for coming to us to reveal what we need to see now. Thank you universe for giving us the courage to feel, to be still and let you do the rest. May we receive all blessings from light and love. May all our wounds be healed. May all our fear transforms into peace, love and grace at ease.

Thank you for breathing with me. I love you and I always do. You’re never alone in this journey.

with love,


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