S.O.S breathing: shake off your bad days

Imagine you are walking slowly in the market and enjoying your beautiful Sunday, someone suddenly bumped into you. You fell on floor and mashed with broken eggs, rotten tomatoes in the garbage area. You are about to release your anger and start swearing, in the moment you look up. You saw a blind person standing in front of you, shaking and asking ‘I’m sorry, are you okay?’ How do you feel?

We have the tendency to judge before understanding the true story behind. We are all emotionally blind who always focusing on ourselves and finger pointing others on all of the bad moments, bad days happening to us. Sometimes they would come as never ending storms, lightenings and tornadoes, and we create a term for these bad days called ‘bad luck’.

In fact, there is no 'bad luck’ but they are something we choose, something we attract it towards us. Imagine if everything we see in life is a projection from what is happening in our subconsciousness. The more we condemn the outside world, the more we suffer. Definitely not a wise choice to go right?

Instead of resisting the ‘bad luck’, face it and deal with a conscious mind from now on. So it never needs coming back to you again and again.

Breathe to shift your day

turn everything back normal by conscious breathing

Step 1: Stop everything

freeze your moment, mind and do nothing

Stop acting, doing or fixing the disaster. Bring yourself in a quiet position, the only thing matters now is look within.

Drive your focus back to breathe into how you feel. Take a slow deep inhale, belly rise, breathe into your heart and start feeling. Beyond all the nightmares just happened, how do you feel? What is the emotions come through you? Recognise your emotions, allow it to cut through you even deeper. Visualise you are now being hold and protected by giant hands, feel the security, calm and silence. Continue breathing and feeling your emotions, softly and gently, you are safe.

Step 2: Do not resistance

breathe, dive and go deeper to feel