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10 power statements attract abundance

In different moment of our life, we cannot avoid the high and low but we always can choose to be at ease in all of them.

To achieve this, we can constant assist with “power statements”. They’re statements that helps you back on track faster, generates a higher vibrations resonate with what you desire to attract and manifest the abundance in career, love relationship, finance, health and life you love.

Today, I’d like to share you 10 power statements I prioritise now which they cover almost all aspect I believe that are necessary to attract full abundance.

1/ I believe and I will see

i believe and i will see

Have you ever thought of what is reality? Why you see them? What you see is from what you think, what you think is a thought from what you are feeling in that moment, what you are feeling in that moment is depends on what you are desiring from your heart, and what you desire is a believe that you value most in your life. To create the reality you see, this power statement helps reminding your what are you believe now and how you can be conscious on it to adjust and align it with what you value most.

2/ I practice to be kind but not being right

i practice to be kind but not being right

How often in life you are struggling with argument, judgement, disappointment, criticism with others and yourself? When we live with our ego, we always want to be right and create all these unnecessary illusion in our life. This power statement reminds us the only thing matters most to create perfect harmony in whatever kind of situation is to be kind. To let go of the desire to win, to release duality and separation, so we can create a space to invite opportunities that win-win solution comes effortlessly.

3/ I practice faith like a full time job

i practice faith like a full time job

10% of what we see is from our consciousness, while 90% of it is our subconsciousness where all of our potential, abundance and truth lie within. To live our life fully we need to access that 90% as much as we could, there are thousands of tools helping us to do it and most of them back to the same lesson, trust. How we can trust in this unknown of 90% us? How can we have faith and gain back our confidence even we are not seeing it clearly? This power statement reminds us there’s no short cut but a commitment, a commitment to explore, and keep practicing it no matter how big or small you start.

4/ Life is supposed to be fun

life is supposed to be fun

One of the highest frequency is the essence of ‘Joy’. When you feel life is not in the alignment with what you truly desire, remind yourself this power statement. Bring your awareness instantly back to your inner child, how does he/ she feels? If he/ she is feeling bored, that is exactly the reason why you seeing what you are seeing. Say yes to ‘fun’, understand what your inner child is yearning for. Be creative, be flexible, be kind to allow yourself to schedule a time to simply play.

5/ I have money when I feel good

i have money when i feel good

Money is a big topic to most of us. when was the last time you are worried about your financial freedom? What is your instant responds or solution to it? May I invite you to remember this power statement next time when you do so again. Money is simply energy while energy attracts energy. We can always attract it if we are generating the abundance energy inside us, in the moment you always feel good. Feeling good is a feeling of satisfaction, feeling good is a feeling of worthiness, feeling good is a feeling of you are what you feel you deserve.

6/ I slow down, so what I want can catch me

i slow down so that what i want can catch me

Have you ever feeling life is exhausted that what you are going has no end without a choice? Or feeling hopeless and helpless that even you have done so many things seems you feeling you have achieved nothing? Come back to this power statement and take a pause. We are running way too fast in this society. Pause, breathe and slow down. Only when we allow this sacred pause happens, we welcome in what we desire to catch us effortlessly. To get back the clarify what you value most, where you need to go and what you can focus on to feel free again.

7/ I don’t talk about love. I live in it.

i don't talk about love, i live in it.

There is a say “never said than done”, this is so true especially applying to how we manifest the life we love. This power statement reminds us two things about love. Firstly, do we really know what we truly love? Secondly, if we know are we expressing it fully by taking right action instead of leaving it at a superficial level? Only if we are living our love, our life can be full.

8/ I continue deeper the love affair of what I am

i continue deeper the love affair of what i am

Having a love affair involves excitement, curiosity and intimacy. I highly recommend to have a love affair with no one else but yourself. This power statement generates the ultimate love vibration that we back to ourselves, the universe inside us. The oneness, eternal, unconditional love that united everything within us, around us, above us and below us holistically.

9/ I lack nothing

i lack nothing

How can you miss something when you realise you have never lose anything? Be real, step back from delusion in life. Remember this power statement, the word ‘lack’, ‘miss’, actually does not exist, we create it from our ego. Back to your heart, create anew by feeling the nothingness. Breathe into the nothingness about this ‘lack’, breathe into the everything which is your birthright.

10/ I don’t need a reason to love myself

i don't need a reason to love myself

Self love is important that is why I am not surprise it appear twice in 10 power statements. Because when we can fully love ourselves in balance, we are capable to archive all high frequency of forgiveness, compassion, kindness, abundance, innocence, gratitude, worthiness and patience in one go. Start knowing you deserve this love much more than you can imagine, practice it without questioning, judging, doubting nor creating any confusion. Why do you need to love yourself? Simply because you deserve.

You can constantly use these power statements as mantra applying in your daily meditation, breathing exercise when you feel stress or simply a reminder on your phone or laptop. Each of us can develop your own specific power statement by exploring what you truly value, feel free to contact me to explore them in a deeper level.

Feel free to share with people you love and create this abundant ripple effect.

Lots of love,



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