hi, i'm jen

Hi love, I’m Jen, a certified mindfulness life coach and Breath of Bliss facilitator. My hope is to support you to get the life you love with peace.


Willing to find instant calmness in chaotic moment in life? Eager to explore perfect balance between career, relationship, financial freedom, health and personal development?


I'm here to provide you clarity, connect you back to who you truly are and discover the heaven inside you.


May you have the courage to make a change and live a life today. It's always possible to transform your dream into reality only if you allow it.

my speciality

Stay Calm in Chaotic Moments


Be Friends with Your Emotions


1-1 or Group Mindfulness Coaching


Breath of Bliss Ceremony


Gain Clarity on Career, Relationship, Health...


Find Your Unique Diet & Maintain Good Energy Level


Live A Life You Love

my story

If you’re a high-achiever who find it hard to stop in life, I’m totally with you.

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with never ending to do list.

Once I find the thing I love, I'd go all into it as if time or space suddenly stops.


I thought I was doing many things at a time, the truth is I was living like a deer which ran for survival. 

I kept jumping from one place to another, without knowing where I'm heading to.


At one point in my life,

my heart beats fast like a drum, my breath is as shallow as a dead person.

It was the first time I’ve had a near death experience.


"It’s not about how much you do, but how you do it.” The voice came to me again.


Today, I choose not to be the deer but a leopard.

I observe, I act and I achieve.

I still have many things I aim to accomplish in life.

The difference is,

“I do less and achieve more”.


I’m able to stay calm in chaos. I achieve the same result faster, easier and in a better way.

I’m living my life find the freedom in it by balancing it physically, mentally and spiritually.


Better energy, clearer mind, brighter skin, deeper sleep… all came like a package effortlessly.


And I’m here to tell you. If I can do it, you can.

Never play small in life. Choose smart and remember how to live. 


Join me to breathe, feel and live again. You deserve this joy, freedom and love.

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