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4 Powerful Manifestation Center For Everything

There are 4 powerful center in us we must consistently check each day which they assist us to align with what our heart most desire and help us to synchronise with full alignment naturally and most effortlessly.

It is seriously possible to live in a day you always feel relax, focus, easy, purposeful, content, peaceful and love. It is also never something difficult to achieve if we know the law of one or how the energy system in whole universe running. By understanding these 4 powerful center, which directly connecting to our thoughts, words and actions. Everyone can manifest easy. Like conscious breathing, we all know how to breathe but we not always breathing and feeling comfortable and aligned in each breath. Time for us to pause and back to mindfulness practice. To breathe and strengthen our ability back to presence and reconnect the 4 powerful center to fully live alive once more.

1st Center -Yachay

Pronounce as ‘yat-chai’ in Quechua. Located in the center of our head. The area around our third eye towards the crown. Ultimate expression of wisdom. To see it from our heart inside of the mind accessing cosmic intelligence wisely. To transform all heavy energy and fear back to love and truth effortlessly.

Be conscious if Yachay is blocked by checking in, ‘am I holding onto negative thought for too long or sabotaging one self with doubt constantly?’

2nd Center - Munay

Pronounce as ‘moon-nai’ in Quechua. Located in the center of our heart. The area from our heart towards the throat. Ultimate expression of compassion. It gives us the qualities of pure understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. To reveal only beauty side in app shadows like the Sun. To assist to see from the eyes of our innocence transforming whatever judgement, resistance, shame or guilt into unconditional love.

Be conscious if Munay is blocked by checking in, ‘where am I not feeling good about myself?’ 

3rd Center - Llankay

Pronounce as ‘yan-kai’ in Quechua. Located in the center of our belly. The area surrounding our solar plexus. Ultimate expression of loving service. It gives us the qualities to be fully presence in all doing and non-doing. To take action only in right time and the best way with knowing. To be reliable and productive making good things happen with loving promises to ourselves also others.

Be conscious if Llankay is blocked by checking in, ‘am I fear of failure or not success avoiding any action I can and ready to make?’

4th Center -Kausay

Pronounce as ‘kau-sai’ in Quechua. Located at the base of our spine. The area around our root and sacral area. Ultimate expression of life force energy. It gives us the qualities of vitality, aliveness and happiness. To be passionate and show up to live without hiding your true nature. To activate with the sexual alchemy in us for greater possibilities and creation.

Be conscious if Kausay is blocked by checking in, ‘do I feel grounded and confident in the unknowns or easily get swayed or triggered with heavy energy?’

These 4 powerful centers gives us the capacity to think, feel and manifest easy. We must keep them always pure, clean and align if we want to manifest a life we can’t miss. Be aware and never allow any stuck energy get into you for too long as it is never necessary. Meditation, conscious prayer and ceremony helps creating clarity and transformation bring you back from mind to heart.

Get into the approach you resonate most to start with, and make it like a habit everyday to smile and breathe into each one of them like a ritual. This ritual that makes you fall in love into your life once more. Here is a simple process you can choose to follow and breathe into them one by one.

Starting from Yachay, the 1st powerful center. Focus on the area they are located. Feel the qualities they are giving you. Focus and feel into all the qualities it is showing you one by one. Enjoying all time to feel each quality with appreciation with no rush at all. Take a slow deep breath, chant the name of the center 3 times. Chanting is a powerful expression to connect the qualities directly in energy level without even need thinking. Chant and feel the area that this center is located once more. When you finished, slowly move on to the next center. 

After breathing into all of them, feel the air and presence flowing from your crown to your root aligning with these 4 center like a column of light. Enjoy and breathe into this to feel and strength into this light within you as long as you can. Feeling the purification, empowerment and realignment. 

Open your eyes slowly when you ready, continue being this conscious to see the reality around you. Connect with the heart once more. Feel what is uplifting you and allow your heart guides you to the next in your daily life. 

Love & blessings,


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