S.O.S. breathing: how to deal with panic

I got my panic moment last week in Medellin.

Last week when I got home one night, I tried to use the key to open the main gate. Accidentally, the key broke into half which half of it got stuck into the key hole. I only had weak wifi which I tried to contact my landlord and roommates yet did not received any replies.

Being stuck in front of the building in the dark, to be honest, I felt panic. Instead of encouraging this feeling, I breathe. This consciousness did not just calm me down, it brought support I need at once.

A lady who lives in the building came home and help getting me in, followed by my lovely roommate arrived on time and helped me get the ‘half’ key out and I no need to worry where to fix it at such a late night, plus my landlord came and replace me a new key in the same hour.

Why we panic and what is it?

Panic, is an emotion arises when unexpected moments suddenly attack us. We are completely shocked and do not know how to react. Physically we enter the flight or fight mode, which is an alarm stage signals by the parasympathetic nervous system telling us that we are unsafe. Our pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar increase, we start sweating, being alert and getting anxious.

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