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breath of bliss

It is a famine, ecstatic, yin approach to breath work that creates infinite space with breath to let go of resistance and rediscover deep presence and coherence in life. It is a journey combining connected breathing, ecstatic movement and sound to restore your original innocence, aliveness and pure joy from within.

It is a sacred ceremony that can help you access to altered states of consciousness to commune with your heart, higher self, Soul and Source. To invite quantum leaps in awareness, helping to illuminate unconscious addictions to suffering, victimhood, drama, overwhelm, unworthiness and other viral human and ancestral beliefs.

Breath of bliss is an emotionally nurturing, supported and inspiring journey for all. It is another form of meditation partnering up with breath to bring you back to pure love.

Mountain Range

Breath of Bliss Ceremony

This is a ceremonial breathwork journey transforming your old patterns, wrong belief and disturbing emotions to higher frequency of joy, love and gratitude.


I hold the key of joy in peace. I am the wayshower in the ceremony helping you find the courage to face your deepest fear in the dark, heal the relationship in you and access the wisdom you need to manifest and live the life you love.

More details would be announce on our private group on facebook, "Breath of Bliss Hong Kong".

Antler in Nature

what people say

“Being in the presence of Jennifer is absolutely amazing. I instantly feel uplifted and safe. She has so much lightness and joy that you can’t help but be affected to the core of your being. She genuinely cares about the people around her. You feel her authenticity, and immediately you feel safe to be authentic also. She welcomes everything. Her dedication to infuse the lives of others with joy, happiness, love and light is so inspiring. She truly embodies her own wisdom. I felt so safe in her presence, and I felt truly seen and heard. Jennifer holds a special place in my heart, and I encourage anyone who feels the call, to seek her guidance and her unique skills as a breathwork facilitator. I am so grateful. Thank you so much Jennifer."

- Shikoba, Energyworker, Denmark -

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