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breath of bliss

This is a shamanic breath work journey guides you to the portal of Self Love.

Together, we back to the heart centre and sink into supreme peace.

No more rushing nor running away, direct experience of pure Source energy of Self Love.

In this dimension, powerful unconditional love resets everything naturally in harmony, where we receive the best energy and reset life.

This nourishing and uplifting journey reminds us once more our natural existence is the greatest proof of unconditional love.

To embody the strongest light in strength and stay committed to love and live love at ease.

what people say

“Being in the presence of Jennifer is absolutely amazing. I instantly feel uplifted and safe. She has so much lightness and joy that you can’t help but be affected to the core of your being. She genuinely cares about the people around her. You feel her authenticity, and immediately you feel safe to be authentic also. She welcomes everything. Her dedication to infuse the lives of others with joy, happiness, love and light is so inspiring. She truly embodies her own wisdom. I felt so safe in her presence, and I felt truly seen and heard. Jennifer holds a special place in my heart, and I encourage anyone who feels the call, to seek her guidance and her unique skills as a breathwork facilitator. I am so grateful. Thank you so much Jennifer."

- Shikoba, Energyworker, Denmark -

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