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What if life is a waiting process without anxiety?

How much time in life we spending time waiting? Waiting ferry, bus, toilet, someone you date, food, washing machine repairing, flowers to grow, result to know on school, job acquisition, health report, sun rising, star shooting etc etc. Interesting ya? I am waiting bus home now for almost half an hour near the pier and writing this. Chatting with the stars if we actually are waiting in the whole life time and I strongly believe this is real.

While this ‘waiting’, is actually a ‘non-doing’ process with something being expected. With a structure or plan. What if we can make every ‘waiting’ feel peaceful? with enjoyment, freshness or even fulfilment? In the book A Course in Miracles, it shares a powerful statement on this ‘waiting’, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

If we can wait without anxiety, our life would be worth living a thousand times. While during this process, most of us would get impatient or keep questioning, chasing when is it arriving. In the law of universe, whatever ran by controlling energy there would be a bounce back. Haven’t said that your bus will never be arrived. But maybe this anxiousness would further evolve to other unnecessary heaviness such us annoying, anger, aversion etc in other aspect in your life. So how to achieve this patience? First of all we need to transform our old belief that patience is something you do not have. If you feel ready to transform this together now, please continue reading.

Drop the concept to become patient. Just stay here and wait. With a new concept of ‘waiting’.

“I wait and I look forward.”

Looking forward to something in life instantly shift your perspective on how you see the same thing. This is the curiosity that every new born baby has. When we look forward when wait. Boredom does not exist. Everything would become lit up. Your heart will be more open to explore new sensations and feelings. Your breath start getting deeper, longer and easier.

Maybe instead of standing in the middle of the queue. You would go for a walk in supermarket, have a chat with community or sitting by the sea writing something about ‘waiting’ like what I am doing now. When the bus arrives, everything you look back is easy, relax, fill with enjoyment and peace. Most important is it is effortless.

Planting seed of peace can be effortless. It is sprouting patience, acceptance, creativity, joy, love, harmony, contentment, fulfilment and more in the tree of life. Why not give it a try to experience in your next ‘waiting’ moment? Explore how are you feeling? Choose again with the new concept of ‘waiting’ and speak it from your heart, “Ok Universe I can wait. I wait and I look forward. Show me life.” Allow Universe to show you the way. Continue stay curious in wonder, like a child. Witness what happens next and share me your experience.

Be mindful on how you feel, think and act which they can become habit and become your life. Sometimes, it may not sounds easy to you. Choose simple, in any way your heart resonate most even a baby step. Let life loves you. You can because you deserve.

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