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The Art of Ease: Focus

Life can be tough sometimes, while whether or not we find hard in these moment is a choice, it's definitely possible to find the easiness in it. This is why one of my favourite quote from all teachers is this one,

"Easy is Right"- Chuang Tsz

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

Yes, you might response instantly "Jen, it's easier said than done". How about we dive into this easiness in just one baby step today? When all meditation, yogic and mindfulness practices all mentioning about how to focus and attain inner peace, let practice one simple thing to achieve this focus effortlessly.

One of my client share me a brilliant quote last week in our coaching session, "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it." Exactly! We could never avoid chaotic moments in life, but how we react is the key.

How can we focus on that 90%? This is what we call awareness, a knowing to connect back to our heart and feel again what that moment we exactly need. We can tap into this awareness by building our conscious mind through different mindfulness practices, and one very important thing even sometimes spiritual teachers and practitioners might miss out too, which is...


easy is right, breathe into your belly

Everyday we're absorbing and creating over 80,000 thoughts and most of them are unnecessary and doesn't serve our true purpose, the fastest way to reset the button and back on track is allow our amazing human body to rewind, reset, and restore our energy for us before we begin again on the next day.

Quality of sleep helps us focus not only on daily duties, this focus is a brilliant filter for us to avoid unnecessary toxic emotions creating, have the wisdom not to remove thoughts but aware of it and most importantly reminds us how to be gentle to ourselves.

be gentle to yourself

To be gentle to ourselves when things crumbling down, when we judge ourselves again, when we back to all the "how", "what if", "why" moments in life. To be gentle to ourselves and remind us only focus back to one thing and breathe. Breathe to feel our belly, breathe to feel we're all good and living.

Start cultivating at least 7 hours sleep a day and start sleeping earlier to catch the time when our organs and nervous system need to rest and restore. If you're struggling with insomnia, my basic tips for you is to drop all your electronic devices 1 hour before bed time, lie down, do nothing simply start breathing. Try making every exhalation longer than your inhale, it instantly brings us back from stress mode to rest and digestive zone.

Make it interesting even if you're doing nothing, I love visualising the moment my grandma is padding my back to breathe which it reminds me this nourishing childhood moment with her. Visualise yours or simply borrow mine, all is good. I also wrote about how I help my dad back to his sleeping pattern in previous article too, hope it serves you.

So, this is it, easy right? All we need now is to practice.

Art of East coaching with Jen

I share "Art of Ease" in my coaching to help you to create perfect balance in life through the approach to greater ease in diet, relationship, spirituality and financial abundance. Contact me if you're interested.


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