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How to kick away the monkey mind in a second?

Many people around me know all benefit on meditation but find it really hard to put it into practices. I know how it feels, in the moment you start meditating, it’s also the moment you feel like you can be a movie director or script writer all of a sudden while thousands of thoughts and imaginations just instantly pop up without an end. At the same time, people also call it monkey mind.

how to cutoff the monkey mind?

For sure at the end of the day, when we bring ourselves back to this deep presence, sitting still and doing nothing is the most simple and only necessary thing we need to apply in mindfulness. Very importantly, we also need to know before achieving this stage, our ego would play thousands of tricks to challenge us by bringing us constantly back to the monkey mind and making us feeling it’s so difficult, boring and maybe you’re just not born for that.

To deal with our monkey mind, I've one killing strategy which I’ve been developing this years ago and found it very useful, which is to...

Bring in your inner child out to meditate. Let your heart play.

When we meditate with our inner child, we meditate with curiosity. May I invite you to recall something in your childhood you enjoy most now? Or simply imagine you’re a 5 year old kid spinning joyfully. This you who laughing happily without any worry in mind, is the state of mindfulness.

know what your inner child truly values and let your heart play.

Whenever we play innocently and in pure enjoyment, our heart fully opens and all unnecessary thoughts suddenly gone. This is the most easily way to access the deep presence within all of us. This is the little secret you can start your meditation with, to maintain it like a daily practice and make it way easier especially when you feel low by making it become something fun and new that you’re willing to do and keep doing it.

I’d like to share with you 3 of my fun meditation that my inner child loves most lately. Hope they can give you a new concept on what meditation could be, and how we can handle our monkey mind easily when it’s back again.

3 of my LOL meditations

1/ Garlic meditation

garlic meditation

Chopping is always my meditation, and garlic is also one of my favourite herbs. Recently, I found the combination both create some magic that makes my inner child so happy. In my garlic meditation, I enjoy it super slowly to breathe into the smell of garlic, slowly peel the skin of each on of them (some people might find it annoying while my inner child find it so fun in this process as if she’s unfolding many white beautiful pearls in front of her) and chop them into pieces in slides, squares or even triangles. I meditate into the joy of unlimited creation on experiencing different layers of sensations. I’m in the process now to play with the stage of cooking, roasted, frying, steaming.. mindfulness becomes something so much fun to me in all the diversity of sound, texture, colour, smell and taste I’m experiencing.

2/ Flip-flop meditation

flip flop meditation

This is developed from another thing I love in my daily life, which is house cleaning. I found I feel so comfortable after I sweep the floor and tidy up my home. Thanks for the creative flip-flop design from Japan bringing my happiness of this to the fullest. It’s a flip fop with mop cloth! Isn’t this amazing? It’s my new walking meditation at home, which I never feel like I’m walking, but ice skating on a dry floor. I can even add organic cleansing agent or essential oil into this process to enhance my experience. I breathe and play with the pacing I walk and sweep. It’s easy to achieve the peace of mind from this meditation, at the same time, I got a sparkling floor and amazing fragrance in my home as bonus.

3/ Sand meditation

I shared in previous article on how amazing earthing is and one of my favourite earthing way is connect with sand and ocean. In this sand mediation, I especially love doing it on rainy days. I go barefoot, step, touch and feel the sand in rain. I breathe into the blessings from the sky. I start spinning, singing, jumping and dancing with all the love and light beings around me. I celebrate I laugh I fully melt into my innocence. I love this meditation. I love the rainy days even more now.

sand ocean and earth meditation

Since my inner child loves freshness and new experience so much, probably my top 3 fun meditations would change already after a month. Would love to share with you further by that time to keep inspiring each other heeee

To me, mindfulness is simply a state of mind that helps us all to connect with our presence again. It’s never limited by the form nor environment as long as we can bring the consciousness from our mind back to our heart.

You can choose the above to start and follow if you find it useful, or it’s even a better idea to start exploring what your inner child loves most to play and start with. Make it creative, make it fun. Remember, the key to beat the ego mind is let your heart play. Explore it with curiosity, I’d love to know the strategies you discover too! Have fun in this process and let me know how it goes.

Love you,



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