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3 life hacks to 'what can i do' moments

"Wifi just doesn't work before meetings."

"Literally every ATM I went for wasn't working"

"All important projects I care are being on hold or even cancelled."

"I try to everything, call, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger... just can't reach him out"

Nothing smooth? Feeling everything blocks? or simply feeling stuck at work, money, relationship or any level in your life now? All is good, they're just beautiful signs Universe reminds you the same thing,

"hey hey, time to stop and breathe"

when everything is out of control, breathe

In these moments of unknown, we can control nothing but we definitely get guidance on the next when we answer this call from Universe. To step, breathe and work on the following 3 steps to help us back to alignment again.

Step 1/ breathe to shift your belief

"You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite."- A course in Miracle

You manifest what you see, positive ones and negatives ones. Check your thoughts and belief now, are you struggling on "damn it", "again?!", "why me" modality to response? They are all carrying energy of low vibrations spinning you into confusion, self-doubt, frustration, judgement, victimisation, anger and scarcity. Stop indulging yourself in these, stop sending a message you're not desiring for out anymore.

you are what you believe

Choose to stay conscious on where you're at, shift your vibrations by shifting your belief, the belief that you know you're manifesting what you see, and you only send out what you desire for serving your highest purpose in life to Universe now. Relax into the process of transformation, accept whatever happening now is only one step beyond the gift you need to receive, meditate into this mantra:

"Thank you Universe, I trust you always have a better plan than mine, I surrender now."

Step 2/ breathe to realign

"Easy is right."- Chuang Tzu

life supposes to be easy, i choose to see love instead of this.

To realign with the life that flows effortlessly, we need to remember the easiness of it. Breathe into the pure acceptance, accept whatever emotions that arise from your heart, simply observe without judgement.

Do not force on fixing nor changing anything, simply pause. Breathe into pure allowing, allow yourself to receive all kind of support with love now as you know you deserve it. Gradually, find the perfect balance gradually which only brings you a sense of peace. Meditate into this mantra:

"Life supposes to be easy. I choose to see love instead of this."

3/ breathe to create again

“Let silence take you to the core of life.”- Rumi

The power of manifesting a life we desire begins with the power of 'now'. The moment of silence, stillness and pure consciousness, the moment you aware of how you feeling and what you truly desire for, the moment of pure trust and full surrendering. It's always your own free will to create the life you want again, and create it now by cultivating this silence with patience.

“Let silence take you to the core of life.”- Rumi

Breathe to release the old belief that "I'm impatient", breathe to allow all resistances come through. Simply allow, instead of running away again. Breathe to nourish your patience, the patience understands that it's ok even you don't have the patience now. Be kind and compassionate to yourself, meditate into this mantra:

"It's okay I do nothing now. I'm safe."

The truth is, we never need to control life but flow with it.

I hope the above serves you and support you back to calmness much easier in the moment when you feel life is out of control again. The truth is, we never need to control life but flow with it. Choose to experience the above by flowing into the plan that has already planned which we simply didn't see it yet. Have faith and trust where you're at is always a divine gift from God.

Many blessings and love,



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