3 life hacks to 'what can i do' moments

"Wifi just doesn't work before meetings."

"Literally every ATM I went for wasn't working"

"All important projects I care are being on hold or even cancelled."

"I try to everything, call, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger... just can't reach him out"

Nothing smooth? Feeling everything blocks? or simply feeling stuck at work, money, relationship or any level in your life now? All is good, they're just beautiful signs Universe reminds you the same thing,

"hey hey, time to stop and breathe"

when everything is out of control, breathe

In these moments of unknown, we can control nothing but we definitely get guidance on the next when we answer this call from Universe. To step, breathe and work on the following 3 steps to help us back to alignment again.

Step 1/ breathe to shift your belief

"You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite."- A course in Miracle

You manifest what you see, positive ones and negatives ones. Check your thoughts and belief now, are you struggling on "damn it", "again?!", "why me" modality to response? They are all carrying energy of low vibrations spinning you into confusion, self-doubt, frustration, judgement, victimisation, anger and scarcity. Stop indulging yourself in these, stop sending a message you're not desiring for out anymore.

you are what you believe

Choose to stay conscious on