"Life may more than once call upon us to prove who we are by demonstrating who we are not.&quot

Hong Kong has the longest working hour in the world. Working for more than 14-15 hours per day sounds like a fact of life in this competitive city.

At least 40% of workers here suffering from insomnia, and more than 80% suffering from muscle fatigue. Most of us are working with humongous stress both physically and mentally.

I pray for all the workers in Hong Kong. I pray for all who are suffering in life.

"Life may more than once call upon us to prove who we are by demonstrating who we are not." Instead of struggling on money, job nature, the uncertain future..., it is the time seeing the problem as an opportunity, as a gift. A gift reminds us we actually have a choice.

A choice to see things differently. A choice for a stress-free work life. We might not guarantee a nine to five job, yet we can choose to work with authenticity. Follow the passion, the true instinct and only work to live but not live to work.

This is the era we put mindfulness into practice. This is the time that everyone of us experience the freedom from stress.

"Easy Meditation Bench", a product that bridges mindfulness and practicality.

I need your support to make this project happens. Pledge for yourself, and a better life. Together, we co-create a stress-free world.

Back me on kickstarter: http://kck.st/2xYaLcz

Watch the video: http://bit.ly/2xx5R82

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