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“People do not love you is their choices, hate them or not is your choice instead.” Dr. Chou Wah Sha

Dr. Chou Wah Shan, founder of “Dreams Possible”, who transform over thousands of people's life through emotional healing throughout the past 10 years. The secret of living his life is to face negative emotions. How? This is it.

interview with Dr Chou Wah Shan

1. Meditate Everyday

Meditation is never something difficult. Breathe, simply focus on the breath at present. Instead of focusing on letting go the thoughts, focusing on every breath and aware of ‘now’, you can fully suspend the world outside. Gradually, you will learn how to let go the expectations from others and no longer need to seek from outside for our self worth.

2. Look within

Always insist to look within oneself. Even if it is the problem of others, they come and attack us, we see them as a gift helping us to learn. Emotions are related only to oneself but not others. People do not like you is their choice, yet hate them or not is your choice. You always have the right to choice how to response.

Here is the full interview of Dr. Chou Wah Shan, you are about to discover:

- how can we heal ourselves from negative emotions - negative feelings is never from the outside - why we always enjoy the moment of being a victim - why we all have the tendency on avoiding healing - the low tide of Dr. Chou's life and how he coped with it - Dr. Chou's point of view on anxiety, depression and suicide of student in Hong Kong - why hong kong is one of the wealthiest place in the world yet got such a low index on happiness - why all financial crisis, economic break down and SARS are good to Hong Kong people - why suddenly nearly 1/3 of advertising turns to be health related - how the point of view of people in the 'Lady Kingdom' different from the world - diet and personal routine of Dr. Chou's - 2 main tips on how Dr. Chou lives a life

Living Life quote from Dr Chou Wah Shan:

“People do not love you is their choices, hate them or not is your choice instead.”

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