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Easy Meditation Bench: The Solution For A Stress-Free Life

We live in a high stress city with high depression, anxiety, and unfortunately suicidal rate. However, most of us still choosing live to work rather than work to live.

Meditation, is the ultimate solution towards stress-free living.

For the last year I've been pouring my life into a new project called "Easy Meditation Bench". And it is listed on Kickstarter now:

With "Easy Meditation Bench", everyone can meditate. It is easy, simple and effortless.

Meditation, the ultimate solution towards a stress-free life.

It is the era that mindfulness and lifestyle could not be separated:

1. Mindfulness is something everyone can achieve

With the slanted angle design of the bench, we all can sit in an up-right posture with a straight spine. It reduces back pain and leg numbness in meditation.

2. A gift for high stress professionals

We can not guarantee a no stress life. But we can guarantee a practical stress releasing tool. With the easy up-right posture and guided meditation track provided, we can focus in meditation effortlessly.

3. Relaxation on-the-go

"Easy Meditation Bench" is lightweight and portable which allows us to meditate anytime, anywhere.

4. Meditation is the new black

Fine wood, crafted sacred geometry pattern, and the stylish denim tote bag with inspiring quote makes this meditation bench the new black.

Meditation is the new black

Meditation never felt so easy!

I need your support to make it happen.

It would mean the world to me if you pledge or simply help spreading the word by sharing the link to your friends. Just a click makes a HUGE difference!!

p.s. this is the link again:

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