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Enjoy being a woman

I love myself and enjoy being a woman so much, yet only when I'm not suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). If you are suffering from PMS, that means at least 5 days a month, which is a total of 13 years in life if you live till the age of 80!!! More than a decade of pain in life? No way girls, God does not design us for this.

It is the time to reverse this fate. When you are suffering from PMS, your hormone progesterone is out of balance. It is a symptom showing you are pushing too harsh on yourself, or your liver is urging you it needs some love.

Listen to your body, and follow these golden rules for 3 months. I guarantee you can enjoy being a woman every day even if your period came.

1. No refined carbs and sugar

Again, the pain is all about hormone imbalance. Processed sugar and carbohydrates spike up the insulin in our body, and lead to consequential hormone imbalance which cause irritability, anxiety, insomnia and worse PMS symptoms like fatigue, cravings, and mood swings. Stick to real food, 2-3 servings greens, high quality fat and proteins, and complex carbohydrates are always the best choice for PMS diet which balance hormones, increase energy, and improve mood.

2. No coffee

When we consume caffeine, it moves along blood-brain barrier and keep us awaken. Yet, tiredness, nervousness, short attention span you feel hours after consuming caffeine and this after-effect of caffeine consumption worse PMS symptoms much. Next time when you craving on coffee when your period came, try to replace by de-caffeinated one or herbal teas. Dandelion tea and chamomile tea are very good options.

3. Essential supplement

Having enough vitamin B6, & E, calcium, magnesium is essential to fight PMS. You can get them through real food like nuts, fish, seed weed, pumpkin seed, milk, and leafy greens etc. Supplements could also be an option, some people also find milk thistle, and evening primrose oil help a lot. You can experience which way work the best for you since we are all bio-individual.

4. Acupuncture

Relaxation decreases cortisol levels, helps to reduces inflammation in the body. One study found that acupuncture quelled symptoms in 78 percent of women. You can try other relaxing methods like massage, meditation, or simple breathing exercise too.

5. Moderate exercise

Exercise is vital for balancing hormones and reducing stress. It flights PMS physically and mentally, keep it in moderation, mix it with cardiovascular, muscle training and stretch, and keep it regular as 30 minutes of four to fives times a week.

6. Hot cacao drink

Raw cacao helps reduce PMS symptoms. Serve yourself a cup of hot anti-oxidant rich chocolate to spice up your day:

- 1tsp raw cacao powder

- 1tbs brown rice syrup

- 2/3 boiling water

- 1/3 milk (organic almond milk/ soy milk are great choice for vegan)

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