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H2O: Having a 2nd-life Opportunity

Are you struggling on how to get better sleep, better energy and motivation in life constantly? Dieting, exercise, social activities, meditation, whatever you are trying it, let's give it a pause today. Before dive into the holistic plan, let's shift our focus back on one very important thing we always miss, WATER.

Water shapes your life. It is one of the first priority if you want to lose weight, improve energy level, get a clear mind, more vibrant skin, better focus, motivation or even a better temper towards your love ones.

To me, the terms H2O which water means is always equals to "Having a 2nd-life Opportunity". Water is life, if we fully utilise and see the beauty of it. We are not just getting hydrated physically, we are giving ourselves a second chance to live again. How H2O gives us a 2nd-life opportunity? Simple: 1/ The Detox Facilitator With the assistance of water, all necessary ingredients in our blood stream are well delivers into the digestive system.

It makes our liver function which is responsible for cleansing and detoxifying our body, activate our enzymes, and metabolise all the fat, proteins and carbohydrates we took in. It also makes our gut function to maintain gut flora balance, support digestion and absorption, remove the waste form the body and prevent us from constipation.

Our body have the power to heal itself, it is undergoing detoxification process every second, and we need sufficient amount of water to achieve a better result. 2/ The Collagen of Life Human body is made up of trillion cells, and almost 70% of the cells is composed by water molecules. It converts nutrients into energy and keeps our body function. We are losing water when we breathe, sweat, move and digest. If we are dehydrated, we got heat stress, we feel sick, weak and fatigued.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body which all the skin cells will be repaired, renewed and reproduced every 27 days. Water is one of the essential elements to facilitate this process to maintain the vitality of this protective organ. Want to look young, stay sharp and rejuvenated? Start by drinking enough water.

3/ The Mood Booster

Our brain is composed of 73% of water, the brain tissue fluid decreases and temporarily affect our brain function when we are dehydrated. We may feel fatigued, blurred, headache and may even lead to memory problem and confusion.

Research shows that even we are 1% dehydrated it can possibly effect our mood negatively. We would experience tension, anxiety, depression and more. It is proved by simply increase the amount of water intake, our mood can be improved, we feel more energised and even increase our satisfaction.

So how much shall we drink? Again, we are all bio-individuals. How much we drink depends on our age, body type, body conditions, our activities, living environment and more. National Health Service (NHS) recommends us to have at least 8 glasses of water per day. While more specifically, Institute of Medicine (IOM) suggests men to have 13 cups while women to have 9 cups per day.

Experience your body like science. Check your energy level, brain function, and your mood by playing with different amount of water intake. Start now and give yourself a second chance to live again.

Want to learn more on holistic health? Check out 'Living Life with Jen holistic coaching program'. 3/ The Brain Purifier

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