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Top secret reveal: the ego contract

In the moment you arrive this earth, your mind signed a contract with the gang. I was having a conversation last week in my meditation, and I asked him to show me this contract. Even though my ego has chosen to partner with my soul to live now, he still has the hesitation to reveal it fully to me.

ego vs soul

And with his permission, I'd love to share with you all part of the ego contract we all have committed since we are born.


Every human arrives on this planet carrying a mind and a soul. You are chosen to be the representative of the mind, which is also called "ego".

Welcome to our gang, it is going to be a life long battle with the soul. We will now assist you to go through the following 3 downloads and activate your survival DNA now.

Downloading the Top Secret

Remember, we are nothing but simply an idea since we are created. We are not a fact. This is our top secret

We must not let human knows the real solution to ALL is from their inside, which is where our enemy lies in, "the soul".

Once they discover this, we can completely lose our control and we will die.

To survive, we need to know our life is extremely fragile.

Be alert. Do not ruin our existence, by straightly following the Dos and Don'ts.

Downloading the Dos

1/ Make human keep chasing things in life

  • Make them believe happiness is only temporary

  • keep them trap into the illusion "once thing does not work, I need to change, quit and seek for replacement in order to improve, grow and survive"

  • make them live like a zombie by following automatically with the old patterns, past beliefs, unwanted stories

2/ Teach them our nature: indifference, scarcity & fear

  • let them taste what winning is, teach them continue chasing the satisfaction beyond the pride, arrogance and selfishness

  • make them addicted to the source of unworthiness, pet them with the belief of lack and not enough

  • train them to compare, judge and grasp, not only with others but deeply with themselves. Teach them the most nasty words to judge themselves inside that they would not even say it towards their worst enemies

3/ Make them addicted to be a victim

  • reminds them when and how to create confusion, neediness, anxiety, rigidity and insecurity

  • guide them to stick to this never ending loop of addiction and suffering and be forever blind to the real solution from within

  • make them believe the concept "to protect myself I need to be in control of everything, and in this process fear is necessary"

4/ Numb their emotions

  • exhaust them by creating over 80,000 thoughts per day, and make most of them meaningless conversations

  • continue make them "think" but cannot"feel" to feed our source to suppress their emotions

  • the closest feeling they can get is only limited to "feeling nothing" or "i'm okay"

Downloading the Don'ts

1/ Do not get involve in any kind of mindfulness activities that cultivate consciousness

  • these activities are absolutely dangerous and scary which make us diminished

  • they creates opportunity for human's heart to reopen again, start feeling and connect with "the soul"

  • to survive, we need to constantly drag human back to resistance and believe these activities including yoga, meditation, breathing, chanting, sound healing or other mindfulness practices are "not their thing"

2/ Do not allow human to be connected with awakened souls or community supports them to remember where they belong to

  • once they get supported from each other, "the soul" can awaken fast and the love manifested is expansive and instantly kill us FULLY

  • create separations by making them believe there is a different between "normal people" and "spiritual people" and it is safe to be in their normal comfort zone

  • use your power to manifest sickness and accidents to block their way to connect with love if you find it useful

3/ Do not allow Silence

  • Silence is the most powerful weapon from "the soul" to kill us

  • it opens up acceptance, forgiveness and compassion from a very deep level of human source within, Love

  • keep them busy, always make them believe it is not boring, non-sense and not safe to be in Silence


Phew... this is it. The ego contract we've all signed before we arrive this Earth.

I wonder how you feel now, my first reaction to it is in awe, they are really smart and the download system is well designed covering almost all the area without mistakes. Very impressive ideas to prevent human from discovering our true nature indeed.

However, there's one blind spot on this contract. They forget one very importantly thing,

Human has free will.

Free will, is a choice that ALL of us can make anytime anywhere to acquire true freedom. To call in our faith, our power to shift from desperate to hope, fate to miracles and fear to love. I'm grateful they can never put into this into their contract too as it's unbreakable it's something they can't avoid. Once we allow and choose it, love always win.

At the end, it's never a battle but simply a choice. My wish to you is to be gentle to yourself no matter where you're at, what kind of situations you're encountering, always know you've your "free will" to choose a happier life now.

Feel free to share to those you care, let's make the ripple of love keeps going.


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