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3 non-conscious online engagements that ruin your life

We are living in a fast pacing world in this age. Especially when we come to social media, everything can be viral quick at the same time spam shortly. Very often, we simply engaging with it without consciously aware on why we make that action on liking, sharing or posting things on different online platform.

when we come to social media, everything can be viral quick at the same time spam shortly.

Every post is energy

Such non-conscious behaviour can be very harmful, because every interaction you are making is more than engaging on a post. In that second of pressing the button of share, you are sharing the energy you carrying towards the Universe. Whatever goes around comes around, what kind of energy you send out directly creates what kind of life you are going to have.

It is not about the context, but your intention.

The energy you send out is all depended on what intention you carrying from your heart. Take #10yearschallenge for example, are you the one who follow the movement? or the one who “like", “wow" or “dislike"? or the one who sharing in another way about environmental challenge? or others? Have you notice what is your intention behind? Same action can carry very different intentions, it is never about what you share but how you share it with a conscious mind.

funny meme #10yearschallenge

If you say "yes" to these 3, stop posting anything.

May I invite you to reflect on your last social media engagement now, take it as an exercise to start to be aware of what kind of vibrations you are sending out when doing so.

1/ Are you sharing your pride?

Most of the time when we share, post or comment something, it is very self-centred. We are utilising that opportunity to show the world “look at me, I’m better”. Check consciously by watching your mind, are you doing that because you are bragging and showing off? Is it came from your pride? Is your ego seeking for value from others again?

pride, arrogance, showing off, bragging

Stop posting and start practicing:

Let go of the need to be superior. Let go of this fear for not being seen, not being heard and not being good enough. Let go of separations and see we are all equal, we are all human beings seeking for the same happiness. Pause and breathe into all your emotions without forcing.

2/ Are you trying to victimise yourself?

How often you share something sending the message “I’m so poor” behind? We intentionally post and seek for empathy. Our mind love victimising ourselves, because it feels so comfortable to have someone to care about us and love us. The real message you are sending to the Universe is “I'm in lack of love”, as we always mentioned Universe only says “yes” and give us what we request. In return, what happens around you is simply sufferings without love.

"i'm sick" or "i'm so poor" or "I'm in lack of love"

Stop posting and start practicing:

Release the desire on playing small and craving for love from others, take back the responsibility on your own life and start cultivating this love within. Do not engage with the mind game when your ego is playing with you again, no one is a victim in ultimate reality. You are the one who can value and love yourself most.

3/ Are you finger-pointing others?

Check consciously are you forwarding, posting or engaging a post with the voice “how dare you” behind? We have expectation on that particular person or situation. We criticise, judge, act violently in silence with images and texts on releasing our anger and hatred. Without single advantage, we are reinforcing the fear, insecurity and low self-esteem behind our consciousness.

Whatever goes around comes around, what kind of energy you send out directly creates what kind of life you are going to have.

Stop posting and start practicing:

Aware of your judgmental mind, this is where compassion has space to grow again. Stop exaggerating things you dislike. Realise whatever irritates you is merely a reflection of what you are inside. Let go of the need to be right, simple accept where you are at. Breathe to accept the emotions inside you which has been longing for your love.

let's do it folks! share happiness to the world!

No one is here to judge what you share or how you share on social media. But you are the one who have the responsibility to do it consciously and create the life you truly desire around you. Always share with an intention of expressing love and kindness, expressing your generosity and pure happiness to others.

Ultimately, we need to apply this towards every aspect in our life. Be conscious on every thought and action you engage in your career, relationship, health etc. You never need to do it alone, explore mindfulness in a new way here.

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