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5 creative mindfulness you can try

"Only the present moment contains life"- Thich Nhat Hanh

I believe most of us heard about this beauty of living in the moment and enjoy being present when mindfulness is the new black in this era.

What does mindfulness mean to you?

Is it a yoga retreat, meditation, tea ceremony, stone piling, spa or something else? My great teacher google said, "mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training.” And I have a more down to earth definition on explaining it.

"Mindfulness, is a state of mind. It is everything that help us to feel ourselves again."- Jen

We tend to speak, act and live with our rational thinking and ignore what is the true feeling behind. Mindfulness is just the moment we aware and reconnect with this thought and true feeling inside us. To achieve this there are different spectrum of modalities, today I love to introduce 5 creative ways to help you start easy and fun.

fun creative easy mindfulness is so cool!

1. Dating with everyone

date yourself and see everyone like a mirror in your life

Life is a game of connecting who you are. Everyone you encounter in life shows up for a reason. Live to date by treating everyone you meet seriously like a date. Not date for the sake of finding a love partner, yet with an intention to date with yourself.

Imagine they are just like a mirror of you, whoever you see, whatever you feel from that person. That is you, they are an outcome projected from our subconscious and let you meet your shadows, your deepest truth. All you need is an opened heart and non-judgemental mind. To meet ourselves in another physical form, to feel our heart in a reflection that we cannot escape.

2. Living in a fiction

imagination is more than everything

Einstein once said “imagination is more than knowledge”. Apply your imagination into mindfulness, like how Will Ferrell did in the movie “Stranger than fiction”, be part of the plot and create your own stories in life.

Breathe and choose one object you see and feel interested in the moment and start describing on how it makes you feel with visualisation. What is that sensation behind say like weird? could be like a weird, funny purple cow or group of them chanting together?

Feel into your feelings and creating your fiction. Add stories, characters into the plot, name it modify it, feel it and play with it. Make it fun, interesting, surreal like a movie. You are the director, producer and creator of this movie. Breathe into each scenario, breathe into the possibility unfolding every second.

3. Spinning like a kid

be the human spinner and have fun

Spinning is a fun way to balance all our 7 chakras, which is also part of the sequence in The 5 Tibetans Rite yoga practice. Spin like a kid, they always know the wisdom on how to back to a worry-free mind and pure heart that full of joy.

Start erect with arms outstretched, spin around your body at a point in until you reach just a little bit dizziness while you can still keep yourself safe and balance. Feel the freedom, expansion, joy while you spin, breathe into all your sensation. Spiral up the positive emotions and allow this spinning process to release all unnecessary tension and energy inside you effortlessly.

4. Sing to the mirror