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Living Life with Martha

Martha Collard, founder of Red Door Studio, a place for the community to heal and release physical and mental stress through sound, meditation and body work. Apart from an experienced gong playing teacher, Martha is also a management consultant, executive coach, and career counsellor. My honour to have her here in this interview to share more on stress management skill sets and the way to achieve our career goals.

In this video, you are about to discover:

0:26 what is gong meditation?

1:10 gong demonstration by Martha

2:33 amazing work benefit of gong

3:12 sleep benefit of gong

4:14 healing stress and mental health

5:20 how to choose your right career path?

8:14 how to identify your role in life?

9:19 Martha’s approach on stress release besides gong playing

10:35 tackling stress for children in Hong Kong

11:47 Martha’s morning routine

12:49 three tips on how to live a life

15:57 secret behind wearing white

- and more!

Living Life quote of Martha Collard:

“When you shift energetically, people around you change as well.”

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