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"Eat right and you don’t need to worry about your weight"- Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Joel Fuhrman M.D. is a certified physician, New York Times bestselling author and nutritional researcher who specialised in natural healing. I am featuring his book "The End of Dieting" in this interview.

As the person who coined the term "Nutritarian", Dr. Fuhrman is going to share the secret to end dieting and live a life.

In this video you are about the discover:

- what is nutritarian diet

- how to eat in order to end dieting

- simple strategy to kick start with especially for busy professionals

- revealing the favourite recipe of Dr. Fuhrman

- how diet change and cure our emotions

- why diet pills doesn’t work

- story behind the success of Dr. Fuhrman

- Three Dr. Fuhrman approaches on how to live a life

- and more!

Living Life quote of Dr. Joel Fuhrman:

"Eat right and you don’t need to worry about your weight"

If you are struggling on weight management, diet, stress, gut or brain health, contact me for a FREE health consultation. Together, we co-create your life.

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