Nothing is permanent but one thing lasts

Last week, i broke the head of my little meditation Buddha by accident when I was tidying up my altar. It is a hand made gift from an amazing soul I met in Nepal. I feel sad, at the same time I believe this is a great gift from universe sharing with me in the moment.

nothing is permanent. everything changes its form in life.

I sit down, breathe into my soul and start meditating.

I start singing and chanting in a tone of light and love. The voice guides me to experience my feeling again. I realise there’s more than sadness, but disappointment, scarcity, self-judgement. I don’t want to let go, i was asking if I’ve done something wrong? I feel the resentments from many past life’s that I was being abandoned, left behind, separated, in the void of loneliness I tripped into the same experiences of collective souls in different time and space in Hong Kong, in Nepal. We struggled. We suffered in pain and broken hearts.

Buddha starts speaking through me, so soft, gentle yet majestic. He said,

It’s the time you’re remembering impermanence. Nothing in life lasts long. It’s not necessary to grasp nor control anything, your love one’s, the material world, things come and go, your body would age and died. People you love would leave you. It’s all okay. Things are just changing in form. Nothing is permanent and the only thing never change is the essence of love. Be in this essence. Wherever you‘re at, whatever you‘re experiencing. You’d only experience peace. That’s enough and all it is. Let it be.”

we suffer because we do not accept what is impermanence.

I’m so grateful to receive this teaching and realisations. In life, we always want perfection. We never feel good enough, we want to chase for better. When life falls in a way we no longer can control, through great lost on things or people we love, we collapse because we cannot accept things is never permanent. We judge, we complain, feeling helpless and being abandoned. Only if we pause, breathe into and accept this truth, seeing the beauty of impermanence, experience the only thing matters in everything everyone we care is that love beyond. This is more than good enough.

Love is the nature that always reminds the same.