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How to know and be who you truly are?

In a certain stage of life, we would start questioning our true purpose in it. "Do I really enjoying my job?", "Is it the relationship I really want?", "what do I really want?", "what am I living for?", "what am I actually here for?"... Gradually, we would encounter the core and deepest question in life,

"who am i?"

who am i

To know who we truly are, we need to revisit how we ask this question. When we are asking in the feeling of doubt, confusion, worry, fear, lack, anxiety, frustration, withdrawal, we are asking in a very low vibrations and creating huge blockage towards the answer. The answer of who we are can never be found on a book, research or using analytical mental activities, we need to focus on our heart. When we ask, we need to open our heart and ask the right questions, which I call them high vibrational questions:

"what am i grateful for?"

"how can i serve?"

"how can i be the best version of me?"

"how can i make today meaningful by giving my gift?"

These questions carrying a much higher frequency with the feeling of hope, confidence, positivity, gratefulness, joy, peace, aliveness, contentment in it. In this way, you are piloting your destiny and start connecting with the source within you. Continue feeling it with an open-heart, combining meditation, journaling and mindfulness practice, you would slowly receive the wisdom and the wisdom on how to move on and act for it.

In this process of exploring on who and how to be, it is important to remember these 3 principles of love:

1/ Be present

be present every day every moment

Have full understanding every moment is a gift and everything you want is right in front of you. It is easy for us to fall back to the lower vibrations and emotions that do not serve us. We need to be conscious of it and always bring ourselves back to "NOW". Continue creating the future not from the past stories nor old patterns, but purely focusing on now. Be present to your power, the inner knowing from within, remember what your original intention is, know what you are experiencing, where you are feeling call to move a step further. Flow with this power inside you, a feeling directs you only to your dream.

2/ Releasing control

i release control

3/ Be gentle to yourself

be gentle and kind to yourself

Never expect this is a one day process to achieve. Be prepared and opened to welcome all emotions come through you, accepting there is no right or wrong. Even if you fail to do all the above or not ready to do it, be compassionate to yourself. Instead of getting stuck in self-judgement and criticism, revisit the high vibrational questions and seek for support from the Universe. Instantly, you generate love and kindness towards yourself, and this is when things start shifting again. Always remember you are what you create, how you feel directly projects what you see in your life.

trust there is always a better you unfolding uniquely and beautifully when you follow the divine plan.

To me, the journey on exploring “who i am” requires a deep level of "trust". Trust there is something you do not know but you know you are ready to receive now. If you are align with this trust from within, you would feel peace and absolutely rightness even in the unknown.

We all have this inside us, give yourself permission to be well, to be forgiven for past mistake and begin away with the acts of love now.

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