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1 mindfulness gem Egyptian taught us

In life, we always wanna fix or change things. Our job, health, relationship, emotions, life... almost everything. We grasp and want to control things as much as we can, we're afraid losing them, missing any opportunities or wasting our valuable time.

All spiritual teachings come back to the same point, looking thyself.

All spiritual teachings come back to the same point, Wayne dyer explained this beautifully, “when you change the way you look at things, the way you look at change". We can never fix or change others thoughts, feelings, we can never change the circumstances outside or what accidentally happens towards us. All we can do is to focus on ourselves, and consciously understand what is projecting outward. To fine tune, adjust and create a new reality we see.

However, there's something very important we need to remind ourselves too on this self-reflecting journey. This is what the Egyptian taught me when I was travelling in Cairo.

What I experienced in Cairo is never something I can expected, people are fighting and squeezing for dinner even on a dining cruise, all pedestrian pathway are so polluted that no one is walking on it while everyone feels so safe to walk along the cars, traffic light is simply a decoration while it's amazing the accidents rate is super low even all of us just cross the street with cars flying by, how unorganised all tours, airbnb and restaurant arrangement I experienced are all great moments for me to practice conscious breathing.

traffic lights are simply a decoration.

I was sharing with a local about how I feel on their culture, she shared something very interesting with me. “This is Egypt. Let me tell you something, a very common thing we have is scratches on cars, everyday you’d just discover something new, no one would bother to fix this. Why fix it if you knows it’s not necessary?”

This wisdom she shared allow me to have a deeper realisation on what looking thyself on mindfulness means. In the moment we intend to change ourselves to be a better us and create a better reality, it‘s so important we cultivate one thing towards ourselves, COMPASSION.

smile and relax, always have compassion to yourself.

Adapt vs Adjust

It's easy to fall into the dark hole of self-judgement, past patterns even on this self-realisation journey. Our ego can play so subtly on this, we need to develop this self-compassion to integrate everything.

Instead of fixing anything, it’s okay to just sit and accept what it is. To strengthen the emotional muscle on finding the balance between adapting and adjusting. Whatever we choose, it’s base on compassion and love instead of fear and judgement. To be easy with ourselves, to forgive what actually not necessary to forgive, to purely accept who and where we're and where we used to be. Simply breathe and relax in now.

This is how we can find the order in chaos, living at ease in our daily life.

For sure it won’t be my choice to live in Egypt, yet I appreciate the people in this country very much. Behind all the chaotic culture, I saw the beauty of it which always brings me smile and make me crossing the busy traffic gracefully in peace. They've beautiful heart with divine compassion towards themselves also others.

Everyday, I saw people in different genders kissing each other’s forehead to greet, they pray 5 times a day no matter where they’re at, every time they found me annoying on my difficult diet and say no they can't arrange anything for me they'd give me more than what I need at the end, and more...

someone stops and prays in the Egyptian Museum.

There's a moment I saw one police officer is eating potato chips while assisting others on her duty, my heart just melt. How authentic she can be, and how much acceptance the people of this country has, I just respect this amazing culture of this place.

Looking thyself is a life long lesson to learn and achieve mindfulness. At the same time, never forget this is important but never too serious.

With divine compassion, there’s always order in chaos. Thanks all Egyptians for teaching me a great lesson on how to simply relax in our mindfulness practice in a deeper level.

Hope this realisation serves you well. Feel free to write me about how you feel.

With love,


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