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3 things to do in the unknowns

We’re all equal. We all have issues we’re facing and have no clue on how to deal with it. May I share with you 3 things that you can do in this moment. 3 things that you can still do in this unknown.

it feels so good to feel good.


To achieve a life flows with joy, harmony and clarity, we need to live in it with patience and have the wisdom to know when to act and when not too. Universe always gives you the best, if you allow yourself to flow with easiness. We can’t avoid unknowns in life, because they’re meant to be here. The purpose of unknown is never something an obstacle or stumbling blocks that avoid us to live our truth which is an illusion came from our mind. Instead, all unknowns are great opportunities that given by universe to assist to move on to the next chapter in life. We need to understand this process takes time as if you’re cooking an amazing sweet potato cake. See beyond the beautiful and be patient in this process. Do simply one thing at this stage of feeling doubt, lost, insecure. Breathe and do nothing, until you feel a sense of ease from your heart, until you feel if you do that act it is never complicated but keeping this sense of ease you feel inside. Then, you can act on that one simple step. Otherwise, as what Lao Tzu said “remain unmoving until right action arises on it’s own”.


Second thing you can do is, still doing nothing. While this is another check in, when you need to do this “doing nothing”. Listen, if you don’t feel good, don’t do it. Everything in life we see simply a projection from how we feel. Imagine if you feel frustrated, stressed, confused without clarity, what you project instantly in your reality is simply situations, people and all encounters that are full of frustration, stress and confusion. Because how you feel is what you ask Universe for, and Universe would only say “Yes” to our request. So we need to be wise when we live and choose to live with a feel good feelings. If you don’t feel good, do something that inspires you move towards feeling good sensations. Be creative, be open, again be patient. We don’t need to force life. We don’t need to force ourselves to live in dramas. Start doing nothing and cultivate your feel good moments now.


Lastly, you can another very important doing nothing reminder. Whenever you thoughts, words and actions are not from a feeling of peace, do nothing. You might need to practice on what a sense of peace is like, which we all know this feeling. That’s the feeling when you feel relax on vacation, in a spa, or simply lying on sofa and gazing the bird outside your window. That’s the feeling I want you to remember and keep breathing into it to master it. Only in peace, we live our true. Only in peace, we’ve pure intention that we don’t just do this thing for ourselves but benefiting others with love and inspirations. Only in peace, we bring in joy, freedom, abundance, faith and love in our life.

do nothing until the right action arises.

I hope these 3 doings on doing nothing serves where you’re at right now. It’s never easy nor difficult to embody them in life. All we need is simply start now and start small.

Feel free to reach me out if you need guidance on how to find the easiness on all these doing nothing. I'm happy to offer a 1-1 coaching with you and let your heart directly experience this joy, peace and grace.

Love and bless you,


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