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How to get back on track fast when life sucks?

We are human don't we, which means...

We have the moment feeling down, blue or pathetic.

We fail in a project we look upon to.

We mess up relationship, opportunity and things we love

We can't sleep, we struggle about the future and cannot let go of the past.

We gain weight and feel like shit.

We got bad skin and make our temper even worse

We start getting lost on what we are here for

We loose the energy and motivation to carry on.

Again, we are human which we can never avoid these moments. Instead of being drown into this overwhelmingness, let's get back on track and I need you to get back on track FAST. This is how we can make this happen.

1/ Go for the airplane mode

Once you realise you are out of alignment, force yourself to cultivate and create a me-time. Be serious, or even mark it on the calendar. It is important for you to quit the situation temporarily and stay away from the exhausting energy that dragging you. Put your phone onto airplane mode, just STOP and give yourself a break. Sleep, eat, meditate, dance, sauna, massage, exercise, be in the nature, ... whatever you think of about self-relaxing moment. Go for it.

2/ Back to the original purpose

Now you feel at least a little bit better. It's the time to tap into the problem. Honour it as a gift, a gift on reminding your original purpose in that situation. If you truly achieving it, how does it feel like?

Now, check-in your calendar. Check in what is being scheduled and move you towards that feeling once you did that, write specific action plan on it. What are you going to do? When would you do it? How are you going to do it? On the other hand, whatever does not serve you and give you the feeling, press DELETE without excuse!

3/ Have some FUN

You know what? The quickest way to back into your alignment or your true self is be in the joy. When you are having fun, it quickly puts you into the upward spiral mode. From contentment, hopefulness to optimism, positive believes to enthusiasm, passion and ultimately towards the top of the spiral, joy, which is where you meed freedom, happiness and love again. So go for something fun and make you laugh like a kid, do things crazy like an idiot. Let go of the idea on how people would think, be the pure you, be curious and be playful and unlash the happy kid inside you.

4/ Forgive yourself FAST

Lastly and most importantly, forgive yourself immediately. We tend to have so much self-attack, judgement and criticism towards ourselves. We love saying mean things or even swearing towards ourselves right away when we did something wrong. This pattern never serves us to live a life.

Here is my 3-min meditation guide on "Catching Your Emotions", use this video to practice forgiveness.

Forgive and accept yourself. See and catch all the emotions come up, say hi to them one by one. Anger, sadness, jealousy, shame, guilt... catch them one by one, breathe into them and keep observing them come and go. Feel the freedom when you no longer hold tight by these emotions, feel the freedom when you truly forgive yourself and how quickly you can get back on track.

It is easy for us to fall into the downward spiral trap and feel sucks again. Want to stay clear and always keep yourself back on track? I am here to back you up, check out my "life-purpose coaching" program or contact me to know more.


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