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The Power of CAN

Communication skill is closely related with social life, career and spirituality on how we connect with our feelings. How can we communicate in a smart way that manifest all the above abundantly? Simple, start from this golden rule. From now on, start replacing the word ‘should’ into ‘can’. It is far too often for us to manipulate human relationship with the word ‘should’. ‘Should’ is a word subconsciously symbolising judgement, attack and criticism towards the event, the subject and finally towards ourselves. By changing into the word ‘can’, it becomes much powerful, encouraging and empowering.

photo from "Parents in Prison"

Take this as an example: When the parent says to the kid, ‘you should finish the homework before hanging out with friends’. It sounds authoritative, controlling and judging the fact that hanging out with friends is something wrong. As the result, either the kid follows the rule with suppressive anger or being rebellion on not doing so with huge resentment left behind in life. Both of them are harmful towards the relationship. What if we try expressing the same content in a different way? ‘You CAN finish the homework and then you CAN hang out with your friends.’ This instantly sounds more positive, empowering and affirmative which makes doing homework worth trying, rewarding or even something looking forward to. ‘CAN’ is designed beautifully to allow us bridging different kind of relationship, between family, intimate partner, friends, colleagues or even thyself. It is powerful which helps us break the defensive boundary in life and carry on to a brighter future.

photo by evior kutcha

From now on, try utilising it by having the awareness on how many times of ‘should’ or ‘should not’ you have used through out the day. And believe that: We CAN all develop a new habit of non-judgmental communication. We CAN connect with our love ones with inspiring and enlightening languages. Finally, we CAN live truly from our higher good with full respect, appreciation and love. That’s what we call ‘happiness’. Want to learn more about how to achieve it effortlessly? Join my programme and you CAN make it.

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