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Be A Mindful High Achiever

"How are you?"

If your answer is "tiring", "sleepy", "busy", "low energy" etc. Take a good chance to check in today.

Are you a “Type-A” person? Which is a psychological term referring to people who might have the tendency on having too much to achieve, over working, super multitasking or even do not know when or how to stop. Don’t get me wrong. Being "Type-A" is always a gift that having the ability to accomplish different things at a time. Simultaneously, it can be exhausted when you look at the never ending to-do-list everyday or even every moment.

Veronique Pecheux

To be successful, is never about how much you achieve but what is the feeling behind all your actions. If you insist to be in a hurry and packed in life, you definitely will move quickly. And far too often, getting no where.

Be a mindful high achiever, sit down and take a slow deep breath next time when you start feeling busy, anxious or overwhelming again. Flow with the air inside your body, feel the rib cage expands, feel the heart is opened. Feeling the feeling inside your heart. Continue feeling what does this breathe carrying you...

anger, anxiety, sadness, criticism, judgement...

whatever feelings come to you. Honor them, with another slow, deep breath. When we look within, we have more clarity in life on our vision, mission and value we are actually perusing subconsciously. Being a “Type-A” is special, be proud of yourself and be patient. Focus one thing at a time, you would find it amazing which you are achieving more at the end. Life works perfectly if you give it a chance on showing you. Do not require yourself to go rapidly far more than it supposed to be. At the end, it will just get you no where. Want to do less, and achieve more? Contact me for further information.

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