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Be The Greatest Showman Of Your Life

I watched the latest movie “The Greatest Showman” twice this month and deeply moved and inspired by every plot, characters, music, scripts and lyrics in it.

When everyone is talking about 2018 resolutions and sharing the goals, are you sure you would not being motivated for a few more days and back to the old habit again?

How would you manifest your goals in a way and make it really happened like the greatest showman? What is the secret behind making a million dreams came true?

This movie does provide you the answer. I want to summarise it with one sentence:

“You are the creator of your life."

Believe it, work through it with strategies and make your resolutions happen effortlessly. This is how...

1. Focus on "how you want to feel?"

When we set a goal, it’s far too often we always focus on “what do I really want” which the energy sending out is pushy, controlling or would end up be something only your ego wants to achieve. Instead of focusing on "what do I want?", start reflecting on “what do I want to feel?” Feel and connect with your heart, understand what truly inspires you, makes you feel great and elevated? Only if you be aligned with your feelings, clarity appears and brings you where you are meant to be.

2. Say ’no' to your ego

We have the tendency don’t know how to say no to others, and even harder to say ‘no’ to ourselves. Our ego, the mind always direct us to a rational thinking which brings us to not-enoughness, self-criticism and judgement. To create an abundant life, we need to say ’no’ to our egos. Release our plan after we have already did our best. Surrender, and trust there is always a plan better than ours. Instead of being demanding on the outcome, feel the joy and excitement in the process of creation.

3. Be in the joy now

It is never about what you haven’t achieved in 2017, nor what you are achieving in 2018. These are just bringing you back to all resentments in the past and worries about the future. Focus just in the now, be present. Feel what you feeling right here, right now. Be in the momentum of your true self, feel the enthusiasm. This is the only secret that attracts whatever you want to create in life.

Now you got the basic idea on how to create a life you want to feel.Let's put your thoughts and words into actions together!

“Living Life with Jen” is a 360 holistic coaching programme combing dietary and emotion-focused coping strategies which help you to achieve your goals practically and effortlessly. Contact me for more details:

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