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2 steps back to holiday relaxation

Having a full on in life and have no idea when you can rest?

Missing the moments in last vacation that you felt so relax and at ease?

Go on a vacation does help us back to the moment of calmness easily. Yet, we can all create the same feeling even when we are living our daily life. All we need is to know how to apply the essence we feel in these vacations and anchor it inside us no matter where we go.

The essence of no time and space

When we’re on a vacation, our frequencies align easily with the astral plane, which is a paradigm without time and space. This is why we feel so relax and at ease because at this stage thought does not exist, we lead our life by our heart and simply be with the present moment.

be in the moment, it is where time and space doesn't exist

In the moment the journey is coming to an end, slowly our frequencies shift back to the physical plane where people call “reality". At this stage, we lead our life by our mind, where all the frustrations, worries, stress, anxiety co-exist. We start counting down the clock of life and looping ourselves into sufferings, pain and fear again and again.

Creating a space without time

Once you understand this, staying calm in city life is no longer a dream. You do not need to wait for the next vacation to come and rest, you can simply rest whenever and wherever you want. It is your own free will to choose and create a space that time does not exist. Simply by following these 2 steps below:

Step 1: Connect with nature

nature, the fastest way to connect us back to pure relaxation

Present moment is the only moment we need to connect back to that paradigm without time and space. Two things help us connect with this instantly, first is nature which carry the same vibrations of presence. Simply by immersing ourselves into them, we invite the pure joy and relaxation flood into each part of our cells.

Stop everything and say “Yes” to the sun, moon, ocean, river, tree, grass wherever it is possible and you can access. Not necessary to be a perfect weather or living in amazing places like New Zealand, simply find a place you can gaze towards the sky or feel the wind when you close your eyes also good enough. Schedule a time for 15 minutes (come on I know you can do it! Imagine how much time you still can spend each day on Instagram or Facebook on your busiest days, we are simply borrowing part of them now).

Step 2: Connect with innocence

meet your innocence, honour every feeling of your inner child, this is where peace arises.

The second thing brings us instantly into the omnipresence is the frequency of pure innocence. It instantly gives us the feeling of freedom, abundance, joy and peace. How can we connect with it? Always ask yourself this question,

“how can I have some FUN now?"

Find the most effective way to connect yourself back with your inner child inside you. In the moment you are longing for a break, rest is simply a signal your inner child is craving some FUN and want to set him/ herself free. My way to have fun is put myself into those people who can always makes me laugh, play with children especially those would are age under 3, spinning on the grass, laughter yoga with some crazy friends, breathing into my inner child to dance and sing with her.

Be creative and give full permission for yourself to have 15 minutes FUN. This is a birthright that we always forgot.

"The beauty of travel is not about where you go, but how you feel.”- Living Life with Jen

I hope the above 2 suggestions can help you find an easier way to connect back to calm and relaxation when you need in one of the busy days in life. Feel free to share with me how it goes or how you feel, I’d love to support you in the journey.


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