What is breathwork? Why Breath of Bliss?

Breath is a life force energy. If we are doing it correctly and consciously, we can gain vitality, calmness and clear emotional blockages. There are many different type of breathing techniques and breathwork nowadays. The one I am sharing is Breath of Bliss. In this article, I would like to talk about what it is actually especially for people who are really new to conscious breathing. It is not pranayama.

Breath of Bliss is different from yoga, meditation or other breathing technique such as pranayama which these techniques encourage creating instant transcendent calmness by holding the breath.

breath of bliss: open mouth connected breath, a type of breathwork which we would skip the pause between

While Breath of Bliss is breathwork technique using open mouth connected breath, which we would skip the pause between each breath. We are focusing on letting go of control and liberate emotions to breathe.

It stimulates di-methyltryptamine, same active chemical compound contained in the Ayahuasca that allows access to non-ordinary states of reality where your soul lives. It is not a practice but a self-sourcing experience.

In Breath of Bliss, you are the master of your journey. Ever time is a new experience when you are in a different group, with different energy and momentum. The token of the journey is your devotion on breath. With the combination of breath, movement and sound, you are able to go through a self-sourcing journey of vitality, aliveness and new inspirations.

it is a self-sourcing experience.

It is a sacred ceremony.

We call in the highest guidance, earth, cosmos, highest source to join our journey, protect us and keep us safe.

Breath of Bliss is different from other form of breathwork because it is created as a sacred ceremony which this is started already before participants entering the space.