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3 steps light you up instantly when you feel low

Everything you feel is vibration and frequency, same as your energy level. Living in this restless modern society, we are often drown to a low frequency that drain our energy out. We might feel separated from people, activities or other things we used to be interested with. We might simply want to withdraw from everything, shutdown ourselves and simply be alone.

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It is completely fine to have a low season in life. Honour them as a break time but never be addicted to it. You may wonder how would someone be addicted to a low energy level which no body wants. Very often, this addiction is came from your subconsciousness, to make you feel safe from old patterns, sufferings and attachments.

3 steps you can do to break this pattern and shift your energy.

Step 1: Know what you really want

unleash the real desire inside you

To break the numbness and avoidance inside you, simply breathe. Breath can break this pattern effectively and bring us back how to feel. To back to a higher frequency, it is important to know what you really want by feeling from your heart. Ask yourself these questions after in tune with some conscious breathing,

"how do i feel now?

"how do i want to feel?"

"what do i truly need?"

If you feel you need rest and simply do nothing it is totally okay. Honour yourself and schedule a sleep or some silent moments. It is the time to recharge by “nothingness”. Breathe into this journey consciously and carry on the other steps until you feel ready.

If you feel you want a shift and back on track. Breathe to feel and ask yourself,

“If i know, what is the 3 important things I need to make me feel happy?"

Breath is our compass to precisely direct us how to shift our energy level from low to a higher one, to give us clarify on what do we truly need and longing for inside us. To me, it is always back to honouring my feelings, having fun and create new and interesting experience in order to make myself happy again. What is yours? Explore and find this core essences of happiness inside you.

Step 2: Give yourself the best

say it to yourself "i love you so much and i am only giving you the best"

You can never pour water from an empty cup. Feeling low actually is a sign your soul is telling you it is the time to refill your cup full again in order to experience more joy and abundance.

From step 1, you know what essence can light you up. What are the things you can do now to achieve them? Get a piece of paper, feel and write into them. I need you to make at least 10 on this to-do-list.

Give yourself the best. Choose what you really need but not want you think you suppose to be. Be honest to yourself is the key to set your soul free. Allow yourself to do what you love fully without any guilt or resistance. Accept the fact you deserve the best now and schedule a time for what you have written to make them ALL happen. You are doing it for a better you and creating a better environment around you.

Step 3: Be only with people you love

know who you are opened to connect with from you heart now

We tend to withdrawal ourselves from others and enjoying the loneliness when we feel low. Even if we are giving ourselves the best in step 2 and gradually rising our energy level, it is still possible we still feel like we want to be alone. Again, it is all okay. Honour where you are at, only follow this step if you feel ready to shift your energy higher to the next level.

Being alone makes us feel good sometimes because we feel safe. Breaking this comfort zone might need some courage, yet it definitely would bring you more happiness if you do it correctly. How to do it? I need you to spend some moment only with someone with these qualities:

  • he/ she gives people a sense of joy, positivity and aliveness

  • every time you are with him/ her you feel recharged and energised

  • he/ she is someone accepts where you are at instead of trying to fix anything

  • he/ she makes you feel comfortable even in silence

Listen to your heart and feel who is this person you are opened to connect with now. They are people carrying high and quality frequency of positivity, joy and abundance which all beings would love to be attracted to. By putting ourselves around them, our souls simply just back to a higher vibrations to sing, dance and celebrate life with them. Instantly, we feel more alive. They are a gift from God. Schedule some fun with them now, welcome them and allow them to support you to receive more joy and love.

“Light up yourself from within, you're lighting up the whole world without even trying.” - Living Life with Jen

Breathe, pause and feel no matter what frequency you are currently at. You always have a choice to come back to these 3 steps when you need a higher vibration to feel more aliveness, joy and presence. These are the steps simply connecting you back to “thyself", which is the ultimate knowing we all need in life.

“Light up yourself from within, you're lighting up the whole world without even trying.” - Living Life with Jen

Share if you care. Spread this joy to someone you love today.

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