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The power of cutting off a toxic relationship

Toxic relationship refers to a relationship with someone or something that you clearly know they do not serve you anymore yet you choose dive deeply into it and find it extremely hard to let go.

toxic relationship

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It is never easy to cut this off because it is like heroin which is super addictive. However, I would like you to at least have an open-mind on how to deal with it today. Because once you manage to cut it off your life would completely change. A better relationship is coming towards you fast, you would gain the power and freedom to create a new transformation towards your career, physical body, personal growth and more. So how can you achieve this? Breaking up with your ego mind. Listening and protecting our ego is the main reason why we always got stuck in toxic relationship. It is hard but worth it to break up sharp with our ego mind by acknowledging yourself with these 3 mantras: 1/ “I deserve so much love than this, and I choose not wasting my time anymore.” We are in a never-ending wonderland in the toxic relationship. Imagine a 3-year-old kid crying on the floor and never want to go home after visiting the carnival, we are this never grown up kid. We are too afraid of missing what we love, the ego told us there might not be another chance. Stop listening to this crazy idea and take one step back. Understand that if you do not take action now, you are missing not just the fantasy love with no return, you are definitely missing the true love waiting for you behind as you do not even give a chance for yourself to see. 2/ “I let go of the false miracle, I welcome in the best gift what universe is showing upon me.” Our ego create illusion in our mind, even make us think that we are receiving a miracle, make us believe that maybe we are wrong, maybe he/she would change which we just need to wait in patience. This false miracle is like you got a lamp with no genie inside and you keep expecting something which hasn’t been there. The emptiness you are expecting would just make you more painful and fearful. Cherish not the illusion but yourself now, your thoughts determine what you see. 3/ “I have full responsibility on the love relationship in my life.” Sometimes, we think we are the one-and-only saviour for our partner which we feel bad to leave, we need to be there to take care of their feelings. Our ego make us believe our partner in the toxic relationship need us so much and being their hero’s actually make us feel great that’s why it is so hard to let go. Listen, nobody has the responsibility on one’s life but themselves. The truth is you have 100% responsibility to your relationship and your life. If you insist living in the deadly relationship, you are choosing to kill your life softly. Think again, does it really worth it?

Once you successfully break up with your ego mind, you are half way there. Keep going and never look back, be prepared the miracle is arriving. Manifest the truth relationship like a champ. Step 1: Ask and feel with love Universe always listen, not to what we say but how we feel. Ask, ask universe to show you the truth. Feel with your heart, surround yourself with the loving feeling and know you deserve it much. When you feel deeper with this love, you have the clarity on what you want and what you do not want. At the same time, you are attracting a new loving energy towards you. When you start caring how you feel, things start gathering up for you in life. Step 2: Be determined to see We are fear from the separation because we think we are lack of love. The truth is there is only love on other side only if we allow it. Instead of keep yourself in the loop of horrible attracting, be wise to replace the lack of love energy with truth and compassion. Love yourself, love yourself even more. Cut the toxic relationship permanently without regret, be determined to see things differently. Be determined to accept this love you deserve most. Trust and dive deep into the truth that you are born to be loved without any excuses. Step 3: Show up and have fun Universe need our actions to make the plan complete too. Do not expect there will be a perfect love falling from the ceiling while you lying and manifesting on the couch. Have a romantic date with yourself, get a nice haircut, dress up well and make yourself feeling great. Be connected with people, show up in the community. Mostly importantly, let go of all expectations on relationship and purely enjoy the fun. This puts you in an upward spiral energy and marinate you into joy, positivity and freedom fully which speed up your manifestation process fast.

We all have toxic relationships in different stage of life. The addiction to love, food craving, sugar, alcohol, cigarette, laziness, negative emotions, bad behaviours and more. Instead of keep fooling yourself by persuading it is another way to enjoy life , choose to be honest to the one and only voice inside you which longing you for long. And you never need to walk alone, join "Living Life with Jen" and i am here to keep you accountable.


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