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“I've no time" stops you from success forever

Rushing between meetings, never ending to-do-list, work, relationship, self-development... in this moment, if I ask you to stop and relax, the answer probably would be “no, I have no time for that”.

​​Okay, let me try again. If Natalie Portman or Bradley Cooper or whosoever you just met and were so attractive to them ask you out for a romantic dinner on this busiest day in life, how would you response my dear? I bet nearly 99.9% “Yes! Why not?”

So? What does “having a time” mean to you?

Time, an unit in life showing us how much we have achieved or how much we still have left. And a better definition to me is, “the moment I create”. Today, I need you to review how you check in your time. Answer the following questions: 1. when I say “I don’t have time”, how do I actually feel like? 2. how often I feel like I don’t know what I’ve achieved even seems like I’ve done a lot? 3. when was the last time I felt like “I have time”? 4. if you have unlimited time, what would that day be like? There is no right or wrong answer. At the same time, understand how your perception on time affects your life. So how can we fully utilise time and get a life? 1. Knowing we create our time We have the power to choose what to do and what not to. We create time and time creates our lives. Drop the excuse today on having not enough time because of this and that. No one can force us to schedule or do something if we choose not to do it. 2. Be the smart bee It is okay to be busy. Honour your ability or trust from people which bring you to different opportunities in life. Most importantly, reminds yourself to work smart. Know your first intention on doing the task, never drown into the busy hell and work like a dizzy bee. Instead of keeping the motto “I have no time”, expand it. Expand your time to others, ask for help, trust people and figure out what is the best way to achieve the same goal in an effortless way. 3.Schedule a me-time Whatever you choose to do in life, ultimately you want to experience joy from it. The joy only you can feel. To achieve more, we need slowing down time and back to ourselves. Allow ourselves to feel how we feel now, to truly breathe, to do what we enjoy, to remember what we love. Me-time is never a waste of time, it is a self-worth moment grounds us deeply before we accomplish another challenge like a champ.

Today, it is the time dropping all the excuses on having no time. Reveal what you have been doing, eliminate all the things no longer serve you more. Break your limited time belief, never plays small, reschedule your time table and hit all your goals.

Want more tips oh how to optimise your time to "do less and achieve more"? Contact me now for a free 1-1 coaching session.


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