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Worry is a prayer of chaos. Why insist?

The appraisal which you expect for a salary raise or a promotion, the interview of your kids on school enrolment, or wondering if the guy is going to send you a message after the first date? Recall any of these situations that sounds familiar with you now, when we tell ourselves or others “it’s okay I don’t really care how the result is”, the truth is you are worrying the shit out of yourself deep inside.

worrying is a prayer of chaos.

“Why shouldn’t I worry? It’s just a thought.” Worry is a fear of uncertainty. When we are worrying, we assume something bad may be going to happen soon and we assume we will be disappointed by this easily. It keeps us shallow, overly absorbs us in the distraction and slips us into anxiety. It is also a sign of lack. It is using our imagination poorly. We choose to see something does not exist which upset us. We choose to see the past illusion of feeing not enough and back to the same meaningless pattern again. We persuade ourselves with our rational thinking which actually is wasting our creativity and mental energy to make the emptiness less painful. It is an unwillingness to let go of the darkness, it is a gesture of separation from love. Eventually, this lack of love feeling would project outwards and force us to lose things we care so much in our lives. Our love ones, job, health, motivation, energy, focus, sleep, and more. It is like a pray of chaos, the more we worried the more we drown ourselves in hell. If your response right now is “jen, sometimes I don’t have a choice”, think again. The only choice you have made just now is insist to worry. Stop it fast to safe your life and always remember: “Worry doesn’t exist in the creation of god.” Allow your ego or small self to take a vacation, let go of all expectations. Choose again to be aware of your fear of nothingness and stop it with one conscious breath. The purpose of conscious breathing is not to have no thoughts, but to be mindful on every thought comes to you and how you response to them. See the real thought behind you, have the courage and assurance to trust and let it go. Use this 3-min guided meditation to breathe into a worry-free mind. When you let go of the results, there is nothing to be afraid of in life.

breathe into worry-free mind at Leblon Beach, Rio de Janeiro

There is no quick-fix solution to any kind of emotions, same as worry. It is important to get started today and exercise your worries like a pro, notice their presence and breathe into them. Notice how often the calm and relaxing feeling comes up, Notice how often the calm and relaxing feeling comes up, notice how effectively they stop attracting all unnecessary chaos in your life.

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