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Stop cursing your job which only make you broke.

“My ambition”, a topic everyone needs to write about when I was in middle school.

I remember I want to be a global taxi driver, which I can travel around the world and earn different currency to live around the world. We all have dreams and ambitions when we were young. When we grow up, how often we forget or lose the faith on those dreams. Once we graduate and enter the society, dream suddenly becomes something impossible which only happen in hollywood movie like the ‘Big Fish’.

It is 100% impossible to live your dream if you choose this.

Scarcity, something we choose subconsciously when we become so called ‘adult’.

Majority of us go for scarcity in life. We scare of losing our job, money, position, opportunity, status, ownership, time and more that we have been investing for years. Fighting for a dream somehow equals to give them all up and start again. It is scary, unrealistic and impossible to everyone. At the end, we choose scarcity. For sure we know sometimes we lose motivations, confidence or passion from this but we choose sticking with it. Because it is much easier and less challenging. We can avoid all the criticism, judgement from others, and most importantly we avoid being attack by our ego mind.

i hate my job

Time to wake up! Do not insist to live in hell again.

There is no right or wrong to live in scarcity as long as you feel good and enjoy what you are doing everyday. Otherwise, this is absolutely a naive choice as you choose to live in hell which you create that hell. You start cursing your job, people, opportunity, unfairness, lack of money and time. When you put yourself in this energy, you are sending a message to the universe ‘i don't like my life’, or the underneath message ‘i’m lack of whatever i want’. In return, what you get is a ‘Yes’, which you would never get the things you want.

time to wake up!

by dane vetter

How can I live my dream without scarifying anything?

Drop scarcity, be brave and have the courage to live again. To start living your dream, you need choosing to take risk. When I say taking risk does not mean you need to quit your job, scarify the bread or losing your survival power. What I mean is:

‘Take risk to find the joy in where ever you are at.'

#01 Start changing how you feel

It is totally okay even if u cannot change the condition on where you are at. You need to understand you are in full control on your life and have the ability to change how you feel. If you cannot do what you love, start loving what you are doing. There is always one magical moment even the day sucks. Be determined to find it, see it and feel it with love. Never be manipulated by the outside, look within where happiness lies in. Your ego, judgement, self-criticism would come often and convince you to back to the old days. Trust your will, the will to be free and happy as if you are living your dream. This is where abundance starts flowing in and making your dream comes true.

by diane villadsen

#02 Be patient

Once we feel the joy and abundance inside us, we are putting a very different message out there, ‘I deserve whatever I want in my life”. This is the key making dream happens without any scarification. Scarifying is a lack of love, which never exist when we are in abundance. Continue practicing the loving feeling and be patient. Be as joyful and abundant you can be, allow yourself to attract more and more love into our life like a magnet. Believe everything is unfolding with calmness, knowing the universe would only give you the best.

be patient

by oled oprisco

#03 Celebrate the win

Once you start witnessing things changing positively, ask "what’s next?” unapologetically, continue welcoming all possibilities in life and give permission for them to flow to you timelessly. Most importantly, celebrate your win by sharing the miracles to people around you. Talk to your family, friends, shout it out loud on social media and email me! When our happiness is not just belong to us, we are manifesting oneness which speeds up the process on what we call “dream comes true”.

celebrate the win

by melika dez

I still not be able to be a global taxi driver but universe gives me something way better than I expected. I am now travelling around the world, exploring new creativity and mindfulness and coaching at the same time. I am grateful i am living my ambition now. Because I no longer choose to curse anything in my life but appreciate them all.

I dare you to start experiencing the above today. Find one thing you can be joyful at your job and feel the happiness authentically. I cannot wait to celebrate the miracle moment with you.

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