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3 secrets to attract a year of abundance

I love christmas, i love new year as I love all new and full moon. Because they’re the moments reminds us to let go things no longer serves us and start a fresh new life ahead and manifest anew.

3 insights I found it most important behind all ideas of manifestation, law of attraction making your dreams come true

2020 is coming, a year of magic if you choose now and know the secrets on how making this magic for real. May I share with you 3 insights I found it most important behind all ideas of manifestation, law of attraction making your dreams come true?

1, Intention is everything

Intention indicates what our purpose, goals and destiny are. To create what we desire into a reality we see, setting right intention is the key. While this rightness is a feeling came from your heart, where you feel motivated, alive and positive even you did an over night test after you writing it down.

Setting this intention also need to be very specific, instead of saying “oh i want to be a millionaire”, be precise what is the original intention from your heart makes your desire this reality and say it again might as well with “I envision a year of financial freedom in full support from universe allowing me to be healthy, happy and achieve great balanced in life.” The more precise the intention is sending out, the faster and easier it came true because energy flows exactly where your intention goes.

energy flows where ever the intention goes

One secret on intention is heart focusing which we did mention above, while to be more specific this heart focus is more than how you feel, but how you desire people around you to feel. It’s an intention benefit not only the “I” but “we”, when we put others in our consideration to give love, we instantly receive the love we desire. Let’s check in an example again, instead of “I wish to be fit and slim”, maybe can change to “I have a fit body and mind that drives myself and others continue to live a life full of possibility, inspirations and motivations everyday”.

2, Trust and let it go

After you’ve been so clear and sure what your goals are, next step is see it as if. Visualise and breathe into the perfect scenarios you desire most as if it’s already happening and you’re already living in it. Feel that joy, gratitude and excitement, allow yourself to take as much time as you need to marinate into this feeling.

Then, drop it completely.

Yes, drop it and let it go. This is the most important step and one of the reason why so many people cannot attract what they want. Because once you have the attachment of what you desire, it immediately turn into a vibrations with a feeling of “lack” and of course this is what you get at the end because Universe always say “yes” to everything your heart asks for.

surrender and let life flows to you

Surrender, let go is not easy I know, but never difficult when we put it into practices. Breathing into your awareness, be intimate on how you feel is a great way to exercise your emotional muscle and find that space to surrender easier and easier. Movement is also great way to help you drop the mind and release all unnecessary tension. Find a music that makes you move, allow yourself to jump, shake, play into it. Put yourself in the moment of joy, trust in your pure innocence that Universe only would give you the best, allow your inner child to put your mind asleep and let life flows towards you.

3, Enjoy the power of now

To maintain the state of surrendering and let the divine plan flows to you, we need to understand the power of living in the moment. Present of now is a gift and our birthright, in the moment you’re living in it, you create what you see.

Checking in if you’re living in the presence, it’s a moment you’d never worried about the future nor replaying, thinking about any past experiences and memories. It’s a moment without attachment on your mind, your ego nor any of your emotions.

To find this presence and maintain it, I found one easy way is to get support from the nature, go under the sun, play on beach, release your tension with earthing on sand, ocean, soil and mud. Let yourself soaked in the original creation of what presence is, let mother earth shares you directly how it feels like an important anchoring from your heart to keep practicing. Practice to be discipline to live in this moment of now. If you find you’re doing it great, the life you love is coming not even soon, but now.

Let yourself soaked in the original creation of what presence is in nature

Hope you find the above useful to start creating a life you love for coming 2020.

One of my goal this year is to continue to focus on 1-1 personal coaching, to share all my practices and knowing in life to people who need it most as a shortcut to find the easiness in life, to back to their harmony and calmness from chaos fast and manifest the life and love they desire effortlessly.

If you feel interested to have a mindfulness coach supports you all along in this new year, start from adjusting your intention to create it as your reality, it’s my expect and great honour to hold this space for you.

Feel free to reach me out for a free consultation, start celebrating on all of your achievements at the year end of 2020

With love,


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