Be naked with your emotions

When emotions came, it is very common we label them as something negative or we do not want and we try our best to avoid facing it. Either by neglecting it from distractions, or simply numb ourselves by keeping a distance from it and say “I’m fine” or “I feel nothing”. Feeling our emotions is like you need to go naked in a public sauna. This could be discomfortable, embarrassing, ashamed and want to leave as quick as possible. May I invite you to bring your emotions to this nude sauna party, be curious on what comes up to you next.

Be naked to what you are resisting.

Be naked to what you are resisting

Visualise you go naked into a room of naked strangers in a sauna room, yes everybody is wearing nothing, not even bikinis. In silence, feel how you feel. Breathe into and only on your heart, allow all emotions to unfold towards you. Be true and honest to yourself, face the emotions without hiding.

Be in the emotional nude sauna party.

​ May be in the past we were good at avoiding them, but not this time. Listen, do not escape. Just sit and continue to breathe. It does not worth to waste your whole life time and energy to create repeating patterns of sufferings. It is the time to end this addiction.

emotions struggle by Andrew Salgado

With courage, reveal the truth inside that can set you free. Breathe deeper with curiosity, what are these discomfort, embarrassment, shame, imperfections, self-hatred telling you? If it has never been about others, but only you and the relationship with yourself, how does it feel now? Breathe to discover, explore every emotions and sensations with patience. If each of them is a spiritual tool for you to grow your strength, what does it want to say to you?

Accept whatever comes up, you're safe.