There’s no absolute silence in the world!

Meditation, breathwork, mindfulness is getting more popular in this stressful era. The challenge is we always find it so hard to focus or simply do nothing and sit down for a few second.

We might blame the noise around you, the audible noise from people, environment around you, or the noise inside our mind that trigger from all situations around you. Maybe, it’s easier to meditate on the Himalayan mountain. Today I want to share you my meditation experience in Nepal which my realisation is, there’s no big difference.

In the moment I was arriving the mountain top of Nagarkot. I was breathing into the beautiful sky, the mountain range and all the surprise rising through me.

photo: what people expect the feeling from the top of Nagarkot near Himalayan is like...

photo: the reality is...

Tourists around the world were squeezing inside a small tower to take a single picture with the Himalayan. The locals are having picnic at different corner, they cook, plugging pop music, dance and drink. Children and birds are singing, laughing and running around. There is no silence around as we expected, in that moment, I also realise one thing we need to know in our mindfulness practice.

Absolute silence does not exist.

Meditation is not about where we meditate, or trying to find silence from the outside world or that situation which triggering us. It is process of inner knowing. It is a process on not controlling our thoughts, but stop letting them control us.

We can practice meditation anytime, anywhere. If you can breathe, you can meditate. Simply sit in a up right posture comfortably, start observing your breath and having awareness on that thought and emotion rising. Without reaisting, simply breathe and watch in stillness.

If you practice, you’d experience.

You can never get a six pack in one gym. Everything needs practice, once we practice we will start experiencing what peace is, even it is less than a second. And this experience will guide you to the next and deeper one on your next practice. Meditation is hard because our ego constantly telling us to find a quick fix solution, which it does not exist too. Practice patience, by cultivating habit and commitment.<