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Don’t give away your power to anger

In life, we are always fooled by the illusion of justice. We think this can empower us. The truth is, we always carrying anger in it, and we are losing all our internal power instantly because we are sending the wrong messages to the Universe subconsciously...

“I don’t wanna be weak, I feel indifferent."

"I’m afraid of losing my power, I don’t wanna be challenged."

"I want to be seen and heard, no one values me.”

mind game

In return, we are receiving what we ask for. Indifference, fear, powerless, challenge and separation from others.

Be conscious what anger is

It is the voice of "how dare you”. Anger arises when things are happening completely out of our expectation. We avoid what we do not like and keep ourselves away from those do not agree with us. The more we resist, the more we lose our power and attract what we dislike, disappointment, upset, fear, resentment, aggressiveness, loneliness, jealousy, impatience and more.

This is a process of self-punishment which we do not even aware of it. In the end, we are the only one suffer but not others.

How to deal with anger?

In the moment we’re angry, we completely close our heart which peace could never exist. What we need to do is to create a space, to prepare calmness arrives again.

"All you need is Pause and do nothing."

pause and do nothing

This invites and creates a space for love. In this sacred pause, clarity arise, it is the moment we gain back the consciousness again and aware this situation is actually a good sign from universe telling our ego “you have no power at all”.

We just need to relax and be in it. Breathe slowly and deeply, observe how the anger denies peace exists and how it makes us feel we are the centre of the universe. Take your time to observe, breathe and be still.

Once anger is stilled, there is a space for compassion and patience. In this moment, take another deep breath, cultivate the kindness from within and ask yourself, “if everything happens towards me is a gift or if he/ she did this actually got a positive intention behind. What is universe telling me?

Pause, allow and observe. I sincerely wish this exercise helps you, share with me how it goes in your experience.

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