What to do with disturbing emotions?

Emotion is setting the mind in motion.

When we engage with it, we “think” it would bring us joy and happiness. But we never “think” or we are trying to avoid the truth that this happiness never last and they are not real.

For example, we crave that chocolate cake because we “think” it makes us happy. Physically, it is correct that chocolate is releasing the happy hormones, serotonin and dopamine and generating a feel good feeling, but all these are also came from our mental projection at the end. We crave for instant, quick yet temporary pleasure mentally and emotionally, because we know it is easy to get.

indulging instant happiness only leads to suffering in life.

In this process of pursuing instant pleasure, we suffer by different disturbing emotions. We never feel enough, we crave and grasp on things we like. We are afraid to lose or miss anything. We create and welcome different emotions like jealousy, doubt, fear, anxiety, disappointment, anger towards ourselves.

Our body is stressed. Our mind is anxious. Our heart is closed.

We keep feeding these disturbing emotions by hanging on to old wounds, hurts, resentments, fights and guilt. We are carrying such a low frequency that causes physical, mental and emotional sickness. We are creating our own sufferings.

Stop and do nothing.

There are many ways to deal with disturbing emotions. One and very important thing to start with is, aware of the emotion arises in front of you. Stop and do nothing. Only if we choose not to engage with them, they would dissolve, transform and go away. Nothing left but a peace of mind.

Stop and do nothing. Nothing left but a peace of mind.