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Goodbye sleepless nights: final solution for insomnia

I’ve wrote about why sleep is so important to us and how can we get sleep easily before. Yet, I found to some people it’s still a big struggle in their life even they know it’s important to sleep, even they try to follow “the rules”. They just can’t make it.

my dad walking on grass in the park

My dad is one of those who suffers, he has been suffered from insomnia almost 20 years. For sure there’re many things can be adjusted to make him sleep better, diet, water intake, regular exercise, social activities, bed time remedy etc. Yet, the most important thing is to deal with the root cause which is the hidden emotional stress.

Most of us including my dad wouldn’t admit we’re stressed, “how could I be stressed? I’ve already retired”. Well, only the one with stress know the reason why if they’re willing to tap in and see. One thing for sure is stress does exist if you can’t sleep, because it’s the fundamental signal our body send to us and alert us when we’re in fight or flight mode.

So what to do? Especially for those who find it hard to release their stress and emotions. After all these years, my dad tried many remedies, massage, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, sauna, tai chi... none of them last long or put his insomnia in a full stop. Until recently, we finally find the way out.

Connect the Earth, go bare foot.

Earthing, or grounding, is a process transferring Earth's electrons, and all positive energy from the ground to the body in exchange releasing the negative energy from our body to the Earth. It has been proven Earthing can contribute to different benefits include better and deeper sleep, reduce inflammation, pain and increase vitality.

The only thing you need to do is to back to our ancestor's age, the age without shoes and go barefoot to connect the ground form nature through grass, soil, sand or ocean. I introduce this to my dad and he has been doing this for 6 months, quality of his sleep dramatically improved. It's easy, it doesn't cost you anything. All you need to do is to allow our mother Earth to heal you and take away the hidden stress.

All you need to do is to go barefoot, allow our mother Earth to heal you and take away the hidden stress.

My top 3 Earthing methods

1/ Barefoot on grass or beach

You can do it under the sun or even rainy days, walking with solar energy I instantly feel recharged especially on those exhausted days. Walking under the rain you'd feel the mud or sand underneath is super nourishing as if you're absorbing double and triple nutrients from mother Earth and grandmother Ocean. It's a very meditative process too, you can choose standing still and simply breathe into the transformational feeling, or you can do walking meditation to breathe and communicate with every step.

recharge yourself instantly especially on those exhausted days

2/ Palms on tree

Where ever I go, I love to breathe into that place and connect with a tree I love. In this grounding exercise, we connect the Earth with our palms. Straighten both arms in front and hold the tree trunk with our palms. This helps opening up our heart chakra, expand our capacity to feel the love and receive the love and aliveness from nature. My practice is to exchange at least 20 breaths with the tree I connect, inhale to receive all the aliveness with great gratitude, exhale to release all blockages and unnecessary emotions that no longer serves me to the tree and allow it helps me carry them to the core of the Earth.

opening up our heart chakra, expand our capacity to feel the love

3/ Hold the root

This exercise needs to do with a specific tree, banyan tree, which they have aerial roots growing all the way down from the stems of the host. These roots constantly provides supplemental nourishment to the tree. I love holding it with my hands and breathe into these roots, every breath is a soul nourishment exchanging the life force energy that has been accumulated for over thousands of years.

holding the aliveness over thousands of years

Do it for yourself, do it with your kid.

Nature is our medicine that has the power to heal us physically and mentally. I believe there're 2 big groups who suffer from sleepless nights, first group is the high stress working class in this society, second group is the parents of new born babies who always need to wake up to feed or calm their baby during midnight.

If you're one of them, I sincerely recommend you to try earthing everyday. Do it for yourself and do it with your new born babies too, you just need to hold them in your arms and walk barefoot in the nature, the Earth's electrons would transmit from you to your babies to keep them calm too. When they can sleep well, you're going to have a sweet dream too.

earth with your kids, family and love ones.

I wish the above information serves you well and hope you and all your love one can sleep tight every night.


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