3 stretches to connect with your spirit

Among all type of yoga, I love Kundalini yoga most because it combines physical movement, breathwork and spiritual practice with mantras and meditation. “Kundalini” is a primal energy that located at the base of our spines since we are born. By activating this, we might be able to feel all energy is flowing and circulating through our cells, tissues and muscles throughout the entire body. This is also a state of connecting the cosmic energy which sometimes being named in different forms as universe, holy spirit, higher power, higher self, god, Shakti etc.

“Kundalini” is a primal energy that located at the base of our spines since we are born.

Yoga is a process of working in

I always believe yoga is more than a work-out, it is a process of working-in. By activating particular physical part of our body with specific posture and breath, we are opening up different chakras and stretching our ability to connect with our higher self.

I am not a certified kundalini practitioner but I start my morning practice with these 3 stretches. They strengthen my core, open up my chest and relax my spine, most importantly, they help me to transcend into the stage of consciousness much easier.

Spiritual stretch 1: Breath of Fire

Posture: sitting in cross legs position with back straight, arms up 90 degrees, pull thumbs towards each other and naval up away from the floor

Breathing technique: breathe in through the nose, exhale and pump the air out fully from the belly

Physical benefit: Strengthen the core muscle, expand lung capacity, release toxins from blood vessels and stress from nervous system

Spiritual benefit: Strengthen our ability to commit, stay strong and be persistence on facing our disturbing emotions

Durations: start from 1-3 minutes, slowly develop to the full version of 11 minutes

Follow this tutorial from Brett Larkin to start practicing: