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What if everything you do today you do it like the first time?

Remember that feeling about first time? The excitement. That heart looking forward, feeling fresh and worry free. Remember the vision like a child that you been through? Remember this vision of openness and loving awareness?

How about we feel, do and experience everything like the first time today once more? See those you know like the first time, do what you thought has became routine like the first time, feel what is new to you as first time like never before. How about we switch the thoughts of ‘what if’ from the perspective of fear to angle of curiosity? Breathe into how does it feel newly to you. Witness all happenings in fresh silence in wonder.

Be open mind, to flip the coin to see a completely different perspective. Be open mind on those projects opportunities people you love and look deeper appreciate like never before.

Be open mind to what trigger you, the situation, conflicts, emotions that make you feel heavy. Stay curious like the first time, what if this anxiety is normal? what if this anxiety is just part of me? what if you are the one creating this tension on the body? Listen, focus and breathe.

Breathe with body to ease the tension on throat and opening up the chest once again. Focus. Just focus back to body and breathe. Choose to realign every thought with greater loving awareness with persistence. True alignment is nothing less or more than this.

Commit to change for a better and easier perspective to live. This is how we recreate a new reality that brings us empowerment and easiness. Trust you always deserve this without limit. Stay curious and dance with the open mind on what is happening and shift what has happened to the better.

Keep this like a practice, a challenge and a fun game to explore a life that you enjoy more. Breathe maybe even further on not just think, feel, do or react like the first time. How about also like the last time? Flip the coin, again and again, enjoy this process in the most magnificent creative way. Effortlessly, it brings you a natural smile on your face.


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