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To Grow is to Become Less

Coming to the year end, beginning of a new year. Many of us has been reflecting how letting 2022 goes feels to them. Many of us are also feeling into their new year resolutions. This is a very good exercise happening collectively. It is also a great opportunity to go deep into self-talk journey and see how far you have been through, and what your heart desires next. To grow, evolve and look forward to living a life that you enjoy more.

Be mindful about this growing, improving and evolving. Instead of seeing all wrong-doing of self that created mistakes, failure, loss, regret, guilt or shame, de-focus and refocus on the next breath. Turn all these thoughts and self-judgement around into lighter heart and easier breath. Be reminded the process of growing always happens naturally without forcing, like planting a tree. We are all this tree, each year you are just manifesting grow of this unique tree you are with more inspiration how to water, nurture and plant it with wisdom that brings you abundant fruits.

To grow is a process to become less.

Purify the essence within you, anchor and manifest from pure energy out of love. So that your reality can only be happy. Be persistent to grow with less tension, less rush, less frustrated, less worry, less stress. Have courage to say ‘no’ to all past thoughts and delusion about ‘I am busy’, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘it is hard to relax’, ‘I should do it better and do it now’… that does not serves you anymore. Confidently take back your power to shed away and let them fall likes old leaves from your tree within force. Letting go anything that is too personal, dramatic or creating separation. Letting go and becoming less without and feel light.

Let Universe lives naturally through you

This is where your tree start growing magnificently, with your permission and with your open heart taking care of your heart consciously and tenderly. This is how we grow without doing much and create magical expansion for what you manifesting in wisdom and fierce unconditional love.

Never forget you are the life you are creating. Every second you can shift your reality powerfully with your will, your consciousness, your breath. Become the energy you what to attract, be firmed and consistent only attracting same quality frequency to concrete with you. Trust, you have all you need within you.

I wish you a grateful, joyful and abundant year ahead with great health, wealth, inner peace, hope, easiness, enjoyment, presence and celebration and thousands of laughters.

In gratitude,



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