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6 Unique Celebrations Till The Year End

Merry Christmas my loves~

How is your holiday going? There is only 6 more days till the year end. Why not we celebrate this precious moment together differently with our body, mind and soul?

photo credit: Julien David

This is how we do it:

1 celebration a day and 6 days in a row starting from tomorrow.

Day 1: Rethink. Reflect. Release

Take some alone time today to have some reflection on this year. How much you have achieve on your year resolution? Honouring yourself that no matter where you are, you have been trying hard in the past 359 days. Take a slow deep breath, celebrate today with just one statement. “I have been doing really well".

Day 2: Enjoy the food mindfully

Try to chew your age when you eat today. Start digesting the food in our mouth. Taste it, feel it and appreciate it consciously. Allow our body to fully absorb the nutrients. Breathe deeply and completely into the energy that is nourishing us.

Day 3: Be Stupid

Enjoy and just have fun today. Do one thing you think it is silly or even stupid. Unwind your curiosity, let go of all your judgement and just do it. Be like a kid again. Fully enjoy the moment, the moment you feel alive.​

Day 4: Love someone

Get out of your home today. And do something make at least one person feel love. Your family, your friends, your siblings, colleagues or someone you do not even know. Support them by sharing your appreciation, motivate them or just keep them accountable by simple listening. The quickest way to celebrate life and feel loved is to love someone else.

Day 5: Sleep

Cultivate sleep today consciously. Sleep is never a waste of time but rebooting our whole system. Sleep 1 hour earlier and 1 hour longer tonight, celebrating life in silence by repairing and restoring our memories fully and allow ourselves to get recharged for the last day in 2017.

Day 6: Say Thank You

Have gratitude on the last day of the year. Be thankful to the people, situations you have encountered and especially be thankful towards yourself. Claim the appreciation from your heart, and send all these blessings out to the universe. This is a powerful tool to attracting more love towards you in the coming new year.

It doesn’t matter how much you achieved this year. Instead, how you realign with your truth self and celebrate the last 6 days to the fullest does matter. It’s never too late to welcome 2018 with a different loving energy.

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