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Stop begging for what you don't want

How you belief creates what kind of life you have. Mahatma Guandi explained this perfectly:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your words.

Your words become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your values.

Your values become your destiny."

the correct prayer is never about what you say, but how you feel it

Sad news is, we love giving energy to what we do not believe. Especially when we are losing our confidence, trust and faith on ourselves. We start getting fear in uncertainties and relying on our limited strengths. We lean towards the ego mind, put ourselves in the so called ‘comfort zone’ until one day, you discover you are looping the same pattern again and start blaming “why my life sucks?”. Your life has no problem, you are the only reason on creating all these complaints and desiring for hell.

How to create the life you love?

1. Recognise your thought and pause

“Why there’s no taxi at all ?!”

Let me use this common example to help you understand the whole thing easily. Behind this saying, your thought actually is “I can’t get a taxi”. When you place these thoughts on what you do not want, you already start acting upon them and requesting more of what you do not want to show up in your life. Means you can never get a taxi.

Practice to have the awareness to catch your thought fast. Recognise if you are sending a wrong belief again. Take a pause, stop everything and do not act on it. Use your breath to help you consciously choose not entertaining any one of the doubting feelings and negative energy.

Pause is a very powerful moment to bring ourselves back into alignment and access true clarity in our life.

2. Redirect your intention

Your new intention is your reality. Once you aware of the wrong belief, redirecting it by setting specific and clear intention. Ask yourself, “what do I truly want?” Start acting on it one step at a time.

From “Why there’s no taxi at all?!” to “I’m looking for a taxi to save some time”, you start stopped looking for no taxi and the energy you sent out starts changing to accommodate you. Be fully aware on your intention and never focus on what you miss is the key to shift and recreate a new reality.

be clear and specific on what you want and redirect your life fast

3. Be passionate and feel

Be clear on what you want by truly feeling it. Continue ask yourself, “how do I want to feel?”. Be passionate on it, go hungry for it, feeling it as if you already living in it. This is the key to attract what you would like to attract in life.

Feel and visualise as if you already living it. Feel how comfortable the AC inside the taxi makes you feel, how interesting the driver is, how incredible all traffic lights in green welcoming your way and how amazing you still have some extra time for a nice coffee when when you arrive... be specific as detailed as possible, be persistent to feel the passion on having them and creating them in your life, feel the true joy inside your heart.

Be passionate on life and keep breathing into our true source. (thailand, Koh Phangan

Getting a taxi is only an example, apply it on whatever you want in life. Without hesitation, ask for it and say it out loud unapologetically. Be clear on what you core belief is, be clear on how you want to feel. Hold this feeling and act on it.

This is never a game of yourself. Believe that there is always a higher power inside you to offer you intuitions and guidance. Start breathing into it and be intimate on how you truly feel.

Keep practicing it everyday and seek for support when needed. Be committed and confident the past no longer serves you anymore. Once you are so capable of sending out the correct message with aligned frequency, the life you love starts unfolding.


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