Quinoa breathing: Pranayama vs Breath of Bliss

Listen, it is urgent to breathe.

Breathing is our birthright, but unfortunately 99% of us forget how to breathe in this age, either we lock the air in our heart, trap it at the throat or simply stop it instead of circulate it naturally to our belly. Be honest to yourself and recall the last time when you feel stressed, nervous, angry or sad, were you breathing?

It‘s crucial and urgent we put breathing into practice now as I believe it’s the ultimate way to a stress free living, allow us to pause, be conscious on what is happening in our mind, cultivate calmness and further realise our true purpose of life.

Breathing is our birthright, but unfortunately 99% of us forget how to breathe.

Pranayama vs Breath of Bliss

When I start sharing Breath of Bliss in Hong Kong, I found many people get confused on what it is. "Is it like Pranayama in yoga?" or "is it the same as meditation?". Actually, they’re completely different, I’d like to explain it in details today.

quinoa breathing

First of all, may I invite you to imagine these tri-color quinoa as your emotions, they’re energy that trapped subconsciously inside you. The red represents emotions we suppressed since we were young, the black represents shadows of ourselves that we constantly escape from, the white represents the golden projections that we think we don’t have inside us. Keep it short and simple, they’re the root causes of your stress.

Pranayama and Breath of Bliss are 2 scenarios serving the same purpose on calming you down when you're stressed, while the process and end results are very different. I made this video to give you a bigger picture on what is happening in these 2 scenarios.

In the process of pranayama, it produces more CO2 and gives you a meditative feeling instantly by controlling the breath. Personally, I love using it as a daily practice to