How to plan without failure? Plan to have no plan.

Multiple projects, big and small meetings, event rundown, risk management, daily routine or travel itinerary… how many to-do-list are you having in your hands now?

Planning is a good practise to help us avoid missing any tasks, prioritise things we want to achieve and ensure a better result. Today, I’m introducing the best way to plan that even Evernote or Asana does not cover. It is inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

“I have a dream"

martin luther king, i have a dream

photo by Forbes

American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr delivered his speech on 28 August 1963 to express his will on freedom and equality for all. The night before at 4am, he was still rewriting, cross checking his script like creating a poem. Next day on March on Washington, he stepped on the stage and start giving his speech. “I have a dream…” came out. This has not been written in his draft and became the greatest speech of the 20th century. When people ask about his inspiration, he mentioned “I just felt that I wanted to use it here”

Everyone plans for the best outcome. King’s example perfectly demonstrates how we can plan for the best without a failure. The secret is, plan without a plan.

3 steps on planning to have no plan

Step 1: Plan with intuition

When I say planning not to have a plan, we still need a solid plan. The difference is we plan with our intuition and prioritise our feelings. Start with a clear and precise intention in mind, knowing "what is the main purpose of this plan?", “ how do I want to feel when achieving it?". Every action step follow is playing around this intention and feeling from your heart. Support the plan with the logical mind to make everything concrete, at the same time always back to feel. Feel and cross check with your original intention and be clear if it is serving you the best.

This is a way of planning without being dominated by our ego mind which always plan for expectations. These expectations bring us fear of missing, fear of failure, fear of freedom and more. Plan with our feeling always helps us to focus and shift back to what we truly want.

plan and live with your intuition