Vegetarian = Healthy? Never be a junk food vegetarian!

Green Monday, intermediate fasting, pressed juice, it is a good news we become more heath conscious nowadays. Recently, many people around me share they want to be a vegetarian, it seems a healthier lifestyle to start with, at the same time keeping the body light and being good for the animals.

Yet, quitting meat doesn't mean healthy. If you are in lack of the correct concept on how to eat and maintain a balance diet. You are just being a junk food vegetarian which is even worse.

Today I share 5 principles on how to stay away from this trap:

1. Quit the white

There's a saying "The whiter your bread, the sooner you're dead". White bread, plain pasta, even rice, are all empty calorie food, which means they are filtered out all the nutrients, enzymes, and fibres we need. Having these food we will feel hungry again very soon, because they spike up our blood sugar level like a roller coaster, which at the same time causing obesity and diabetes.

2. Stay processed-free

Hooray! We got so much choices even if we go meatless diet! French fries, cookies, grilled cheese, packaged chips, Chinese imitation chicken, pork and beef... seriously? Are they really healthy? These food are highly processed and full of hydrogenated oil, GMOs, refined sugar. If you want poor skin, fragile hair, joint pain, bloated belly, dark eye circles, keep consuming them.

3. Go for the real food

Choose organic, fresh, and whole food. Eat seasonal and purchase from local market, which the food are always fresher and taste better. One simple rule to remind yourself, "do not eat food that your great grandmother would not recognise."